Albatross and chick

Albatross headquarters agreement comes into force

Environment Minister Peter Garrett today announced Hobart as the official… Read more

An aurora over Newcomb Bay at Casey.

International Polar Day — Above the Polar Regions

Solar Linkages to Atmospheric Processes (SLAP) is an International Polar… Read more

Antarctic krill

Krill Cam brings live krill to your computer

Live krill, direct from the Southern Ocean, are now swimming under the… Read more

Humpback whale breaching

$6.5M to kick-start non-lethal whale research

The Government will invest more than $6 million in 2008–09 in non-lethal… Read more

A win for Southern Ocean ecosystems at international forum

Australia’s proposal for an area of the Southern Ocean to be declared a… Read more

US C-130 Hercules aircraft on a sea-ice runway at Davis station

Injured expeditioner evacuated by US aircraft

The United States Antarctic Program has assisted in the evacuation from… Read more

Aerial view of Davis station.

Helicopters reach Davis station with additional medical support

In Antarctica, helicopters have now flown a doctor and additional lay… Read more

Aerial photo of orange Aurora Australis in pack ice.

Aurora Australis still waiting for weather window to reach Davis

Bad weather continues to thwart efforts to fly a doctor and lay medical… Read more

The Aurora Australis in sea ice

Aurora Australis within helicopter range of injured expeditioner

The Aurora Australis is within helicopter range of Davis station and is… Read more

The Aurora Australis in sea ice

Bad weather slows relief effort for injured Antarctic expeditioner

Heavy sea ice and deteriorating weather are slowing efforts to reach Davis… Read more

A giant orange sea spider

Proposal to declare marine ecosystem vulnerable

Australia will propose that an area of the Southern Ocean be declared a… Read more

Expeditioner seated on rock with penguins in background

Injured Antarctic expeditioner is Davis station chef

Davis station chef, Dwayne Rooke, was injured in a quad bike accident in… Read more

Aerial view of Davis station

Injured Antarctic expeditioner’s condition unchanged

An Australian expeditioner injured in Antarctica remains in a serious but… Read more

Ship heads towards Davis station for injured expeditioner

The Antarctic research and resupply ship Aurora Australis is heading… Read more

Antarctic expeditioner condition unchanged

The condition of an injured Australian expeditioner remains unchanged. Read more

Injured Antarctic expeditioner condition still stable

An injured Australian expeditioner remains in a serious but stable… Read more

Expeditioner injured in Antarctica

An Australian expeditioner has been injured at Davis station in Antarctica. Read more

A representation of the subglacial Gamburtsev Mountains

International project to reveal the mysteries of Antarctica’s hidden heart

Mysterious mountains under the ice are the focus of a major field project… Read more

Microscopic image of Limacina bulimoides, which are tiny snail-like pteropods with shells of approximately 1mm.

Antarctic scientists to study ocean acidification

The effects of ocean acidification will be a focus of research at… Read more

A mosaic of SPOT satellite images from 1988 and 1991 of Heard Island. The yellow box shows the area of interest displayed in the following two images.

‘Big brother’ monitors glacial retreat in the sub-Antarctic

Recent satellite images show that environmental changes, including glacial… Read more

Chief Scientist, Professor Michael Stoddart, poses in front of map of Antarctica

End of an era as Antarctic Chief Scientist calls it a day

After a decade of guiding Australia’s science program in Antarctica, Chief… Read more

Nacreous clouds at Mawson after sunset.

International focus on Antarctic ozone hole

As expected, an ozone hole has developed over Antarctica this austral… Read more

Dr Tony Press at the media briefing announcing his new position as CEO of ACE CRC

Antarctic Division Director moving on

Dr Tony Press has been appointed the new Chief Executive Officer of the… Read more

Matt Filipowski received his Antarctic Medal from the Governor-General at a ceremony at Government House in Canberra.

Matt Filipowski receives award from Governor-General

The man who was a driving force behind the construction of the Wilkins… Read more

Group of expeditioners on the heli deck of the Aurora Australis.

International Polar Year update

The Australian Antarctic program continues to be a highly collaborative… Read more

Circumpolar map of mean annual sea ice thickness (including ridged ice).

First Antarctic circumpolar map of sea ice thickness

Data collected from 83 voyages between 1980 and 2005 have made the first… Read more

Southern Right Whale with calf

Chile and Australia to cooperate on whales

Australia and Chile have signed an historic agreement to cooperate on… Read more

Dr Tony Press, Director of the AAD, and Warren Papworth, ACAP Executive Secretary, sign the headquarters agreement (Director of Antarctic Tasmania, Ben Galbraith standing)

Australia formalised as home of international Seabird Secretariat

Hobart is now officially home to the Secretariat for the Agreement on the… Read more

AAD Director Dr Tony Press (right) presents the map to National Archives Director-General Ross Gibbs

Historic map preserved for future generations

A 1939 map of the whole Antarctic continent has been handed over to the… Read more

Runway Construction Supervisor pointing out tyre marks on the ice runway — A319 in background.

Ice runway man awarded Antarctic medal

A man who played a pivotal role in the construction of Wilkins Runway in… Read more

Mawson’s huts construction with workers on the roof and around the hut

Plan to protect Antarctic home of Australian pioneer

Mawson’s ‘home of the blizzard’ protected by new management plan. Read more

Fin whales spouting with iceberg in background

New funding for science in lead-up to whales meeting

Australian Centre for Marine Mammal Science receives a $1 million boost. Read more

3D model of the seascape between Tasmania and Antarctica

Sound decisions for seabed sampling

High-resolution three-dimensional maps of the sea-bed have provided a… Read more

Hiking shoes with seeds attached

On guard against an alien invasion

Protecting Antarctica from non-native species. Read more

Graphic of helicopter scanning sea ice.

Determining sea ice thickness with an airborne scanning laser

High-tech helicopter-borne instruments are helping scientists make precise… Read more

A krill larva at the final larval stage — Fucilia VI — just before moulting to become a juvenile krill

Sea ice algae put spring in krill growth

Researchers have found that spring-time growth of sea ice algae is… Read more

Dome-A automatic weather station

Requirements for the coldest place on Earth

It barely snows, the wind hardly blows, its over 4km high with 3 of those… Read more

Sir Douglas Mawson wearing a balaclava

Adventurer retraces Mawson’s steps

The Douglas Mawson Antarctic Expedition of 1912 is considered one of the… Read more

Dr Tessa Vance presenting the ice core from Antarctica

Ice core features at Australia’s 2020 summit

An ice core from Antarctica illustrates how data on past human activity… Read more

Fish-eye view of expeditioners at Wilkes station

Arts Fellows return from Antarctica

The latest members of the Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowship are keen to… Read more

First Aid Manual cover — image of two women reading previous edition.

New pocket ‘doctor’ for first aid in Antarctica

While expeditioners in the Australian Antarctic program (AAp) are trained… Read more

Weather observer holding helium-filled weather balloon

Icy celebrations for World Meteorological Day

Expeditioners have released a weather balloon from the historic station… Read more

Tunicates on the sea floor at 220 metres

Underwater world an eye-opener for scientists

Three Antarctic marine science research vessels have returned with unknown… Read more

A single krill

Prestigious fellowship to protect krill populations

Antarctic krill are a primary food source for the worlds largest animals… Read more

His Excellency Major General Michael Jeffery with Mrs Jeffery and Tony Press during the official opening of Wilkins Runway

Governor-General officially opens ice runway

His Excellency Major General Michael Jeffery has officially opened Wilkins… Read more

Group of expeditioners at Mawson station.

Cool jobs in Antarctica

Narelle Campbell’s keen sense of adventure has taken her all around the… Read more

Image of the Davis Station LIDAR laser flashlamp

Ice clouds

First recorded simultaneous observations of ice clouds at Davis looking up… Read more

Environment Minister welcomed to Antarctica by Casey Station Leader Jeremy Smith

Minister returns from first Antarctic flight

Environment Minister Peter Garrett has arrived back in Hobart from… Read more