The Australian Antarctic research and resupply ship Aurora Australis is heading towards Davis station where an injured expeditioner sustained multiple fractures during an accident on Monday evening (October 20).

The ship had already left Hobart on October 12 for its first resupply voyage for the season with its first port of call scheduled to be Casey station but has now been diverted to Davis.

The ship is more than 800 nautical miles from Davis and will reach the station early next week.

The man who was injured when he fell from a quad bike remains in a serious but stable condition.

He was on a field trip in an area known as Trajer Ridge, 25km from Davis. He received medical treatment at the scene and was transported back to the station by Hägglunds overland vehicle.

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) is investigating options for his evacuation to specialist medical care in Australia.

The man was due to return to Australia in mid-November after a 12-month stint in Antarctica.