The A319 at Wilkins Runway, Antarctica.

History-making flight a breeze

Australia’s new air service to Antarctica is on track after completing its… Read more

A multitude of antarctic krill

New measures set for expanding krill fishery

A new regulatory regime has been set for the rapidly expanding Southern… Read more

View from the deck of a trawl vessel

Protecting lives in the Southern Ocean

Australia has been instrumental in a move to improve the safety of vessels… Read more

Black and white penguin with lines of excrement radiating outward from the nest.

Pesticides found in penguin colonies

Persistent organic pollutants, such as the pesticide DDT, have never been… Read more

An antarctic krill

There’s oil in them there krills

The annual meeting of the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic… Read more

Scientists come home with new climate insights

An international team of scientists from 10 nations returns today from a… Read more

Antarctic air link prepares for take-off

The newly painted and modified Airbus A319 is in Hobart this week for… Read more

A pod of Minke whales with a large iceberg in the distance

Important marine mammal projects get seal of approval

The Australian Government has approved $790,000 in funding for eleven… Read more

Five people working on sea ice to set up equipment.

Sea ice under scrutiny from space

Lasers from helicopters and space satellites are being used in Antarctica… Read more

Expeditioner in protective clothing releases ozone sonde (weather balloon)

World Ozone Day recognises 20 years of international cooperation

There are clear signs that the Montreal Protocol is having the required… Read more

Expeditioners undertaking ice coring, with icebreaker ship in background

Early spring in the Antarctic: Scientists investigate sea ice

An earlier than usual foray into the Southern Ocean will help scientists… Read more

Marine scientist Rob King (left) discusses Antarctic krill with a visitor.

Antarctica features during National Science Week

An Antarctic research exhibition by the Australian Antarctic Division drew… Read more

Two female teachers stand in front of a poster of the research vessel, Aurora Australis.

Taking classrooms to Antarctica

Two Tasmanian teachers will join an Antarctic marine science voyage… Read more

Several scientists working on sea ice in front of the ice breaker, Aurora Australis.

Antarctic Remote Ice Sensing Experiment

A treasure chest of 30 years of sea ice data has been unlocked after a… Read more

After restoration, overcladding of the main hut roof in progress

Your chance to help conserve Australian Antarctic icon

Public comment is invited for the management of Mawson’s Huts —… Read more

A sonobuoy being released from the Aurora Australis

Songs in the Southern Ocean

The enchanting songs of whales will help us learn more about their… Read more

Sharon Labudda prepares to hook up a load of cargo to the helicopter.

Antarctic Medal Award

Sharon Labudda, an Aircraft Ground Support Officer with Australia’s… Read more

World Environment Day

World Environment Day on June 5 will focus on climate change and its… Read more

Lidar image of polar stratospheric clouds.

First harbingers of ozone depletion detected

The first Polar Stratospheric Clouds (PSC) for the year have been detected… Read more

Signing of Aurora Australis five-year contract

Aurora Australis continues her Antarctic service

The ship’s contract has been signed for another five years. Read more

Scientist with ice core

Estimating sea ice extent from continental ice cores

Changing climate — a story told by sea ice Read more

Plumber at work changing a water filter

Help wanted in Antarctica

Imagine this… A memorable sea voyage, an encounter with King Neptune… Read more

Humpback whale tail

New projects to study marine mammals

The Australian Government today announced details of 15 new research… Read more

After restoration work, overcladding of the main hut roof in progress

$21.6 million more for work in Antarctica

This year’s Budget will build on the $100 million provided annually to… Read more

Deploying a net from the trawl deck of the Aurora Australis

Tracking marine animals

Precision sampling of the feeding behaviour of predators is made possible… Read more

Successful season winds up

Wilkins Runway is on schedule to accommodate regular flights, and the… Read more

An inflatable water craft brings more tourists on to a rocky isolated beach. Ice cliffs form the back ground with a few penguins in the foreground.

The Antarctic: Local signs, global message

Warmer temperatures increase the threat of alien species, carried by… Read more

Iceberg near Davis

Antarctic science critical to understanding climate

Australia’s involvement in the International Polar Year will enhance our… Read more

This Airbus A319 will fly regularly to Antarctica (close up view of cockpit)

Australia’s Antarctic plane arrives in Hobart

This Airbus A319, selected for Australia’s Antarctic Air Service, has… Read more

Russ Hopcroft at the microscope

Aliens of the ocean — bizarre and beautiful

They look more like aliens than earth-forms, but according to Associate… Read more

The small white building of the Medium Frequency radar

Tides in the atmosphere

To understand our atmosphere and predict its response to change, we need… Read more

Cruising the sub-Antarctic for clues to ocean acidification

Atmospheric carbon dioxide dissolving in the ocean will be researched on a… Read more

Station leader stands in the snow.

Australia’s busiest Antarctic station turns 50

The Minister for the Environment and Heritage today congratulated the… Read more

Expeditioners stopping for an icy picnic

Fancy ice with that?

A memorable sea voyage, an encounter with King Neptune, summer days where… Read more

Before — the main hut roof snowed in

Welcome home to Mawson’s Huts conservation team

Five conservators and carpenters from the Mawson’s Huts Foundation arrives… Read more