Cleaning marine debris from the barge

Temperate communities could adapt to cold

A major threat to native communities in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic… Read more

The Krill cycle: egg, nauplius, metanauplius, calyptopis, furcilia, adult

Krill life history and environmental change

Reduced sea ice cover in various parts of the Southern Ocean, due to… Read more

US court decision thwarts illegal fishers

A Spanish national and a Uruguayan company have been found guilty on… Read more

Antarctic claim and Treaty boundaries

Success combating illegal fishing

A win in the fight against illegal fishing in the Southern Ocean has been… Read more

Mawson’s Huts buried in hard snow

Mawson’s Huts lives up to “Home Of The Blizzard” name

Winds of over 100 kilometres per hour, temperatures around minus 20… Read more

Mawson’s Huts filled with snow

Mawson’s Huts team arrives at Cape Denison

An Australian expedition team has arrived at Cape Denison to begin… Read more

Mawson’s Huts, Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay

Critical Conservation Work for Mawson’s Huts

Australian conservation experts to carry out critical work preserving… Read more

Permeable reactive barrier in trench

Antarctic cleanup measures assessed and penguin habits scrutinised

Australia’s summer season of Antarctic science gets underway on Thursday… Read more

Electron microscope image of collembola

Macquarie Island Mini-Beasts

At last, a comprehensive book on the tiny critters of Macquarie Island. Read more

Dugong cow and calf

New Marine Mammal Research Centre

Grant applications are open for the Australian Government’s… Read more

Snow petrel on the ice, with wings raised

Aurora — Extraordinary Visions of Antarctica

This photo exhibition reveals that Antarctica is more than icebergs and… Read more

Proof rolling of Wilkins runway

New Antarctic blue ice runway nearing completion

The new runway will enable large aircraft to travel between Australia and… Read more

Graph detailing the percentage variation of each decade in the study from the overall 5 decade average (1955–1964)

Antarctic snowfall largely unchanged in half a century

Despite changes in global climate, a new study shows that snowfall in… Read more

The snow surface at Law Dome, one of the ice core sites used in this study.

Australian Antarctic ice cores help build a map of snowfall

International scientists show Antarctic snowfall rate is not increasing… Read more

Nacreous Clouds at Mawson station

Beauty and mystery in rare Antarctic clouds

A rare and spectacular cloud formation has been seen at the end of the… Read more

New Marine Mammal Research Centre an Australian first

A national research centre for the conservation of whales and dolphins was… Read more

Australia hosts major Antarctic conference

The role of Antarctica in the earth’s life support system will be the… Read more

What’s happening at SCAR/COMNAP

The SCAR Open Science Conference was held in Hobart from 12 to 14 July… Read more

Sea spider specimen with legs uncurled

New species of sea spider identified from Heard Island waters

Ten new species of sea spiders have been identified in a collection of… Read more

Win for whales at IWC

Australia and the pro-conservation coalition have won an important fight… Read more

Australia leads delegation to stop whaling

The Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian… Read more

Australia to seek Pacific support on whales

Senator Ian Campbell will visit Pacific Islands in a bid to strengthen… Read more

A group of Minke whales with snow-covered shore in the background

“Whale for sale” marketing push condemned

Australia has called for consumers of whale meat to reject new marketing… Read more

Boost to restore historic Mawson’s Huts in Antarctica

The site will receive a funding boost of $320,000 for conservation work. Read more

C130 proof-rolling the snow pavement at Wilkins blue ice runway

Australia’s Antarctic runway on schedule

Australia’s brand new blue ice runway in Antarctica is on track for the… Read more

Humpback whale breaching

Australia hosts IWC humpback whale symposium

Australia is hosting an inter-sessional meeting of the IWC’s Scientific… Read more

New Australian research shows Japan’s scientific whaling is a sham

Read more

Krill individual

Antarctic voyage returns from Southern Ocean

Researchers returned to Australia this week after a comprehensive 10-week… Read more

CASA-212 in flight

Australia’s Antarctic aircraft touches down in Canberra

Two support aircraft on skis have returned after their first full season… Read more

CASA 121 aeroplane in flight

New airlink to change our engagement with Antarctica

The air link will dramatically change the way we engage with Antarctica… Read more

Whale fluke

Australia taking strong action to protect whales

Australia will attend an international meeting this month to stop a push… Read more

Whale flipper

Australia takes whaling concerns directly to Japan

Australia participated in a major international delegation this week to… Read more

CASA 121 aeroplane in flight

Australian Antarctic air crew fly back to Davis station

Three Australian air crew returned to Davis station at 4 pm Australian… Read more

CASA C-212 at Beaver Lake

Antarctic weather clears for assistance to grounded aircraft

Two helicopters carrying engineers have reached the grounded aircraft in… Read more

Snow blowers packed into the ship’s hold

Australia’s Antarctic runway under construction

Construction of the first glacial blue-ice runway in Australia’s… Read more

The Aurora Australis ship in ice

From Oceans to Whales

Ocean currents, phytoplankton, krill, seabirds and whales will be… Read more