Main Hut from Mawson’s huts site in Antarctica

Conservation team sets sail for Mawson’s Huts

A works party will sail for Cape Denison, Antarctica, on 9 December, to… Read more

Professor Linda Blackall outside the Australian Antarctic Division

Award-winning scientist to chair Antarctic advisory body

A leading environmental engineer and biotechnologist, Professor Linda… Read more

Australia’s Governor-General Major General Michael Jeffery, AC, CVO, MC (Retd) and Mr Kim Pitt farewelling the Baton at a ceremony aboard Aurora Australis

Antarctica to host Queen’s Baton

The research and resupply vessel Aurora Australis departs Hobart today… Read more

Marion Bay whale stranding

Environment and Heritage Minister, Senator Ian Campbell, has today… Read more

Humpback whale tail

Australia teams with other conservation nations to sign whaling declaration

Australia, together with Spain and 12 Latin American and Southern… Read more

Australia appeals to Japan to reconsider its 'scientific’ whale slaughter

Australia’s Minister for the Environment and Heritage, has called on Japan… Read more

Australia announces whale conservation initiatives

Australia is again taking an international lead on whale conservation by… Read more

Two CASA 212 planes on the ice

Gadget and Ginger arrive in Antarctica

Australia’s Antarctic science support aircraft have arrived on the frozen… Read more

New era for CCAMLR

This year marks a turning point for the Commission for the Conservation of… Read more

Aurora Australis

Antarctic season kicks-off with key environmental projects

Australia’s summer of science in Antarctica gets underway today as the… Read more

Prime Minister and Dr Tony Press

Launch of Australia–Antarctic Airlink

The official launch of the Australian Government’s direct air connection… Read more

Artist’s impression of the view of the meteoroid fireball near the explosion site

Cosmic hole-in-one captured over Antarctica

What at first looked like an electronic glitch turned out to be a… Read more

Satellite image indicating the McDonald Islands 'hot spot'

Australian volcano provides fiery backdrop for Antarctic exhibition opening

Remote satellite sensing has confirmed one of Australia’s two active… Read more

Iceland reveals its 'scientific’ whaling plans

Australia’s Minister for the Environment and Heritage has condemned… Read more

Long stalk fan worm

Australia welcomes ambitious Antarctic marine census

The Australian Antarctic Division will lead a census of Antarctic marine… Read more

Wandering Albatross flying just above the waves

Permanent ACAP secretariat to call Australia home

Hobart’s role as an Antarctic Gateway has been strengthened with the… Read more

A win for whales at IWC

Australian and pro-conservation nations have won an historic vote at the… Read more

A biologist and chef honoured with Antarctic medals

Tasmanian biologist who helped eradicate cats from Macquarie Island and a… Read more

Minister leaves for International Whaling Commission meeting in Korea

Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian… Read more

Major step forward for protecting the environment

Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian Campbell, today… Read more

Australian company continues Antarctic service

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) has again awarded its helicopter… Read more

Australia takes whaling protest to Japan’s doorstep

Australia has led a high level international group of 15 countries to… Read more

Restless Antarctic giant on the move again

The massive Antarctic iceberg that captured worldwide attention after… Read more

Ice runway tenders called for Antarctic air link

The first stage of tenders has been called for equipment to construct an… Read more

Minister Campbell lobbies for whales in Europe and the Pacific

Senator Ian Campbell, will fly to Europe and the Pacific to build support… Read more

Antarctic air link project open for business

Opportunities for businesses in the new Australia-Antarctica air link… Read more

Iceberg in the distance

Icy giant settles in at Casey

An iceberg more than twice the size of Malta has arrived in the backyard… Read more

Stunning silicoflagellate, Dictyocha speculum

Microscopic lungs of the earth

Protists, the phytoplankton (single celled plants) and protozoa (single… Read more

Local communities urged to support efforts to block Japan whaling bid

Local government areas with sister city relationships with Japan have been… Read more

Vehicles on the runway

Tasmania — Gateway to Antarctica

The go-ahead for a $46.3 million Australia–Antarctic intercontinental air… Read more

Senator Ian Campbell speaking

Air link helps Antarctic research take flight

Australia’s position as world leader in Antarctic research is guaranteed… Read more

Reports on extension of Japanese whaling

If reports today are true, Japan is set to announce an increase in its… Read more

View of ice from port side of ship

2004/05 Antarctic summer season comes to an end

Australia’s season in Antarctica has wrapped up with the return to Hobart… Read more

Whaling — back to the bad old days, warns Campbell

Australia has reiterated its position to oppose any introduction of a… Read more

Thalassiosira gravida — a round microorganism that resembles a flower

Launch of significant Antarctic research resource

The basic stuff of the Antarctic marine food web, those microscopic… Read more

Signing cooperative agreement

Cooperative Agreement signed with Indonesia

Last Friday the Director of the Australian Antarctic Division and his… Read more

Public input sought on management of important sub-Antarctic Marine Reserve

The Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) of the Department of the… Read more

From Antarctica to Avalon

One of Australia’s new aircraft used during the 2004/05 Antarctic season… Read more

So you want to work in Antarctica…

So you want to go to Antarctica and be paid for the privilege. Well, the… Read more

Antarctic scientist wins prestigious medal for 2005

An Australian Antarctic Division scientist has received this year’s Royal… Read more

Ginger and Gadget complete first Antarctic season

The Minister for Environment and Heritage Senator Ian Campbell has today… Read more

Aurora Australis heads south for season’s last voyage

The Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian Campbell, said… Read more

Evidence of widespread changes in the Southern Ocean

The deep waters of the Southern Ocean are cooler and less salty than they… Read more

Vasiliy Golovnin

Sea ice conditions delay Mawson station supply

After the successful delivery of supplies and equipment to Australia’s… Read more

Andy Wakefield proudly holding his Citizenship Certificate at the completion of the conferral ceremony with Graeme Beech (Station Leader and Presiding Officer), Luke Gadd (Ranger), and Segun Adewumi (Met Bureau Technician) in the background.

New Australian citizen swears allegiance on Macquarie Island

He may have been born in Scotland but Macquarie Island expeditioner Andy… Read more

Minke whale

Australia urges Kiribati to join whaling ban

At a time when the International Whaling Commission is coming under… Read more