Expeditioner atop a rocky hill on Macquarie Island

Expeditioners sleep through largest earthquake on record

Twenty-two Macquarie Island expeditioners last night slept through the… Read more

Scientist holding the Argo float

Ocean robots to seek clues to climate change

Robots will be released in the Southern Ocean this summer to collect vital… Read more

Weather from coldest place on Earth to be recorded for the first time

Australia and China are cooperating in a project to install automatic… Read more

CASA with skis

Australian Antarctic aviation reaches new heights

The first of two specifically modified aircraft for use in Antarctica has… Read more

Sustainable Antarctic engineering a winner

An engineering team from the Australian Antarctic Division has won the… Read more

Senator Ian Campbell with the winners

Antarctic planes and runway name winners announced

Gadget and Ginger are Australia’s newest Antarctic recruits, and they'll… Read more

Australia home for Albatross and Petrel secretariat

Hobart is to host the permanent secretariat for the Agreement on the… Read more

Landmark Antarctic science gathering in Canberra

The gurus of Australian Antarctic Science program are outlining to policy… Read more

Historic first meeting brings good news

Australia has offered to establish a permanent secretariat in Hobart for… Read more

Australia hosts historic talks to save threatened seabirds

International efforts to conserve some of the world’s most threatened… Read more

Fishing Pirates Under the Spotlight

An Australian initiative to closely monitor the activities of fishing… Read more

Ice crystals at Colbeck Archipelago, Mac.Robertson Land

World climate experts ponder what lies ahead for Earth’s frozen regions

The role of snow and ice in the global climate system will be examined at… Read more

Australia takes hard line on Southern Ocean fishing pirates

Australia will turn up the heat on Southern Ocean fishing pirates at the… Read more

Emperor penguins

Polar polling

Australia’s most isolated citizens will exercise their democratic rights… Read more

Australians to retrieve 500 year climate record from Antarctic ice core

Australian scientists sail from Hobart today for Antarctica to bring back… Read more

Prof Andrew McMinn at work aboard Aurora Australis

Antarctic project to study effects of climate change on coastal ecosystem

Scientists will set up camp on Antarctic sea ice to study the effects of… Read more

Kathy Norcott

Prestigious award to Antarctic student

A water treatment and filtration system developed by an Antarctic PhD… Read more

Five win Australian Antarctic Arts Fellowships

A photographer, a radio producer, a musician, a children’s author and two… Read more

Marine Mammals book cover

Tasmanian whale expert wins prestigious award

A whale researcher from the Australian Antarctic Division, Dr Nick Gales… Read more

Ski-equipped CASA 212-400 aircraft landing.

Help name the new Antarctic planes and runway

If you are aged 16 years or under and have ever wanted to help write a new… Read more

Dr Sharman Stone announcing Australian Government funding for research projects

From Amery to Zoology — Antarctic science gets funding boost

Understanding how ice, ocean, atmosphere and climate interact with the… Read more

Microzooplankton poo

Global climate change: a load of poo?

Plankton poo could be the key to understanding how much carbon dioxide our… Read more

Spreading the message of Antarctica to the west

Australian Antarctic Arts Fellow and prize-winning Tasmanian author Coral… Read more

Australian Antarctic Science Grants 2004–2005

Read more

Australia, NZ and USA allied to fight illegal fishing

Australia is helping to lead the way with a new approach to combat illegal… Read more

Short-sighted push for commercial whaling

The Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Senator Ian Campbell, today… Read more

Antarctic aircraft on display

The first of Australia’s dedicated Antarctic aircraft will be on display… Read more

AAD Chief Scientist heads delegation to Antarctic conference

Australian Antarctic Division scientists led by chief scientist Dr Michael… Read more

Minister attacks 'scientific whale slaughter'

The Environment Minister, Senator Ian Campbell, today attacked Japan and… Read more

Antarctic airlink update

Australia’s first Antarctic intra-continental Antarctic airlink is on… Read more

Macey Rookery

Antarctic station leaders announced for 2005

Planning to spend a year in the world’s last great wilderness is not… Read more

Two krill facing each other

Krill — residents or drifters?

Are populations of Antarctic krill resident in an area or merely drifters… Read more

Marine science lab, exterior

Ultraviolet radiation damages Antarctic marine microbes

Depletion of ozone in the stratosphere increases biologically damaging… Read more

Mawson station

Celebrating all that is Mawson

An exhibition in Hobart celebrates the 50th anniversary of Australia’s… Read more

Years of research culminates in important biological literary work

The most comprehensive published collection of moss flora of a… Read more

Students enter the world of Australian Antarctic expeditioners

Students visiting the Australian Antarctic Division schools displays in… Read more

Antarctic pioneer acknowledged

An Australian scientist who has been instrumental in educating the world… Read more

Antarctic heart wins literature award

A book inspired by an author’s life-changing trip to Antarctica has won… Read more

Cleaning up Australia sub-Antarctic style

How will you be spending World Environment Day 5 June 2004? If you are an… Read more

Kemp reminds Australians whaling is not yet a thing of the past

Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Dr David Kemp, today… Read more

Small boat training

Managing Antarctic Tourism

Achieving integrated management of tourism in Antarctica is the first… Read more

Parliament House exhibition

Celebrating half a century in Antarctica

Celebrating 50 years of Australians living and working in Antarctica is… Read more

Expeditioner with weather balloon

New Antarctic science focus on climate change and environmental protection

Better predicting of future global climate change and protecting the… Read more

Casa 212–400 in flight

Australia’s Antarctic air transport test flights successful

The first purpose-built Australian-owned aircraft for work within… Read more

Dr Graham Robertson

Australian scientist wins prestigious international research award

Australian Antarctic Division seabird ecologist Dr Graham Robertson has… Read more

Humpback whale with tail out of the water

Historic anniversary to mark 25 years of whale protection in Australia

Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Dr David Kemp, today… Read more

Elephant seal with its head held up out of the icy water

Protecting Antarctica from the tourist invasion

Australia is leading the push to ensure that the rapidly increasingly… Read more

Humpback whale showing its white underside, with flipper out of water

Better regional protection for whales and dolphins

Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Dr David Kemp, today… Read more

Filling quarter height containers with waste at the Thala Valley tip site

Highly successful Antarctic summer season draws to a close

The Antarctic research ship Aurora Australis arrived in Hobart today… Read more

Commercial whaling unacceptable

Australian Minister for the Environment and Heritage, Dr David Kemp, today… Read more

Australians lead in frozen waste clean-up

Australia has successfully pioneered ways to clean up the frozen waste… Read more

Macaroni penguins

Southern Ocean food web — key for future fisheries

A landmark achievement in Antarctic marine research has provided a major… Read more

Front of underwater camera, on the ship’s deck

World’s first underwater glimpses around Heard Island

For the first time the world can see beneath the waters around remote and… Read more

Raising the flag at the establishment of Mawson station

New Australian Antarctic laboratories opened

Australia today is celebrating the 50th anniversary of the establishment… Read more

Expeditioners in bad weather

Work in Antarctica

Chefs, tradies, science support personnel and others with a spirit of… Read more

Expeditioners skiing

Calling all doctors

Doctors ready to experience the unusual have the opportunity to work in… Read more

Macaroni penguin colony at Capsize Beach

Heard Island’s wildlife online

Follow Heard Island’s penguins, seals and seabirds as they forage for food. Read more

Delayed Antarctic vessel sails

An Australian Antarctic Division voyage to Antarctica, detained in Hobart… Read more

AAD mourns death of inspirational expeditioner

The Australian Antarctic Division is saddened by the death of one of its… Read more