A whale researcher from the Australian Antarctic Division, Dr Nick Gales, has been honoured in this year’s prestigious Whitley Awards for significant scientific publication. The award was announced at a ceremony at the Museum of Australia in Sydney this evening.

Dr Gales, a marine mammal research scientist, was the senior editor of 'Marine Mammals: Fisheries, Tourism and Management Issues'. The other editors were Dr Mark Hindell from the Zoology Department at the University of Tasmania and Dr Roger Kirkwood of the Nature Park on Phillip Island in Victoria.

The Director of the Australian Antarctic Division Dr Tony Press said that the book was a 'must have’ for industry, science and students interested in the management and conservation of marine mammals.

“For the first time this publication brings together and explores the sometimes contentious issues that surround southern hemisphere fisheries, nature-based tourism and management,” Dr Press said.

“It contains valuable information on such matters as the interaction between marine mammals and fisheries; the ecological consequences of Southern Ocean harvesting; aquaculture and marine mammals; the effects of marine-based tourism on whales; and discusses practical suggestions for the development of ethical guidelines and standards in marine mammal management.

'Marine Mammals: Fisheries, Tourism and Management Issues’ has a wealth of research by southern hemisphere countries Australia, New Zealand and South Africa and the Patagonian region.

“Australia has a well-deserved reputation as a significant contributor to Southern Ocean research and development of sustainable management strategies.

“That expertise is illustrated in this important volume where the editors have assembled the best available research from Australia and other participating countries on issues that have a critical bearing on our future.

“This award is well-deserved and I extend my congratulations to Dr Nick Gales, Dr Roger Kirkwood and Dr Mark Hindell for their excellent effort,” said Dr Press.


The Whitley Awards are given annually by the Royal Zoological Society of New South Wales. They are named after Gilbert Whitley, an eminent Australian ichthyologist and presented for outstanding publications (in printed or electronic form) that contain a significant amount of information relating to the fauna of the Australasian region. These publications may be highly technical works or they may be for wider and more general readership. The Whitley Awards were first presented in 1979.