News: 2003

  • Safety priority for Australian Antarctic Division

    The delayed departure from Hobart of the Russian-registered icebreaker MV Vasiliy Golovnin will allow concerns raised by the Australian Marine and Safety Authority (AMSA) to be addressed.

  • Delayed sailing of Antarctic vessel

    An Australian Antarctic Division voyage to Antarctica due to sail this evening has been delayed.

  • Resupplying Antarctica in one hit instead of three

    In a first, the Australian Government’s Antarctic Division will resupply its three continental stations in a single voyage with the Russian-registered MV Vasiliy Golovnin.

  • Climate clues in pre-Industrial Revolution Antarctic ice

    Ice cores to be retrieved from deep in the Antarctic ice sheet will give scientists a clearer picture of the nature of climate variability and a better understanding of weather cycles.

  • Cool, clean, green cars

    The Australian Antarctic Division is supporting environmentally friendly technology by adding two new hybrid cars – a petrol engine combined with an electric motor — to its fleet of vehicles based at its head office at Kingston, Tasmania.

  • A photo from the air of a small island in the foreground and the snowy topped Big Ben on Heard Island in the background.

    Climate change answers from living laboratory in Southern Ocean

    Heard Island in the Southern Ocean is about to become the focus of extensive marine science and climate change research.

  • Station changeover by air a first

    For the first time the Australian Government’s Antarctic Division has used aircraft to conduct a major changeover of personnel replacing the time-honoured dependency on ships.

  • No harm to personnel in Antarctic fire

    A fire yesterday at Australia’s Mawson station in Antarctica was brought under control without injury to personnel and little damage to equipment.

  • Noctilucent clouds in the Southern Hemisphere are dimmer, less frequent and higher than those in the Northern Hemisphere

    Eclipse offers added bonus for sky watchers

    The total solar eclipse on Monday November 24 offers a rare opportunity for atmospheric scientists to gather information on elusive noctilucent clouds.

  • Antarctica to give greatest view of solar eclipse

    A total solar eclipse will take place in the southern hemisphere during Monday November 24 when the moon will pass directly in front of the sun as seen from a narrow strip of Earth’s surface, including the Southern Ocean and parts of the Antarctic continent.

  • A view of the outdoor field camp on ice at Law Dome

    Australian scientists find new evidence of Antarctic sea ice decline

    Glaciologists from the Australian Government’s Antarctic Division have found evidence of a decline in the extent of Antarctic ice.

  • CCAMLR: Antarctic Waters Conference tackles the future for marine species

    In the final hours of the two weeks of the Convention for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources negotiations, a trial of the Centralised Vessel Monitoring Scheme has been agreed to.

  • Illegal fishers escape the net… for now

    The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources will end tonight after two weeks of intensive discussions in Hobart.

  • Improving global climate forecasts

    Scientists setting sail for Antarctica today will be researching how to more accurately predict the effects of global climate change.

  • Davis and Mawson changeover

    The Antarctic resupply vessel Aurora Australis will leave Hobart today with more than 100 expeditioners bound for Australia’s Davis and Mawson stations.

  • International support to combat illegal Antarctic fishing

    Australia’s moves to curb illegal fishing in Antarctic and subantarctic waters has the backing of key participants who will also be attending the Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources.

  • Public comment sought on Antarctic station upgrade

    The Australian Antarctic Division has invited public comment on the Initial Environmental Evaluation of replacement living quarters at Davis station in Antarctica.

  • Death of Antarctic expeditioner

    The Australian Antarctic community is mourning the death of one of its expeditioners.

  • A great supporter of the Antarctic

    The Parliamentary Secretary for the Antarctic Dr Sharman Stone has paid tribute to Tasmania’s Governor, Sir Guy Green, who retires today.

  • Patagonian toothfish

    Toothfish demand growing

    International demand for the toothfish has led to a record number of countries applying for permission to fish in areas designated as new and exploratory in Antarctic waters.

  • Energy in the Antarctic

    Rising like enormous sculptures, the Australian Government’s Antarctic wind turbines are proving to be a great substitute for diesel-produced energy and heating for Mawson station in Antarctic.

  • Web-based State of Environment reporting a winner

    A web-based State of the Environment reporting system developed by the Australian Government’s Antarctic Division has won a prestigious Technology Productivity Award.

  • Art from Austria to Antarctica

    Austrian artist Nin Brudermann will soon be adding Antarctica to the list of remote places where she has captured images of the launch of meteorological balloons in the name of art.

  • Ship and satellite surveys combine to aid Antarctic climate study

    A major international sea ice research program kicks off the Australian Antarctic Division’s busy 2003/04 summer science schedule.

  • Taking the Arts to Antarctica

    What do a novelist, an Austrian artist, a Rhodes scholar, a nature writer and photographer, a visual artist and a natural history writer have in common?

  • World’s first Antarctic wind turbines are winners

    The Australian Government’s wind turbine project at Mawson station in Antarctica won a Tasmanian Engineering Excellence Award on Friday night in Hobart.

  • Large ozone hole over Antarctica likely

    Scientists are predicting a large ozone hole over much of Antarctica this spring.

  • Government’s marine conservation efforts recognised

    The Australian Government’s declaration of the Heard Island and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve has been recognised by a World Wide Fund for Nature 'Gift to the Earth Award'.

  • Antarctic ice man and air transport designer retires

    A former manager of the Australian Antarctic Division’s Glaciology Program and the principal architect of Australia’s Antarctic Air Transport Project retires today.

  • AAD environment adviser appointed to international body

    Parliamentary Secretary for the Antarctic Dr Sharman Stone has congratulated the Australian Antarctic Division’s Shaun Walsh on his appointment to head an international environment group.

  • Australia attends Antarctic Managers’ Forum

    An Australian Antarctic Division delegation will leave tomorrow for France to attend the Council of Managers of National Antarctic Programs (COMNAP).

  • Shipping contract supports Antarctic science

    Hobart will see a new Antarctic ship this summer — the MV Vasiliy Golovnin — which will replace the smaller MV Polar Bird which was used for some 20 years.

  • New herbarium to house valuable Antarctic collection

    Valuable Antarctic plant specimens from as far south as 86 degrees are now housed in the new herbarium at the Australian Antarctic Division’s Kingston headquarters.

  • 50 years of Antarctic science

    Antarctic scientific research by Australians is celebrated in a recently-released book, 'Australian Antarctic Science – The first 50 years of ANARE'.

  • Australian Antarctic Division signs aircraft deal

    On the eve of the winter solstice, the Australian Antarctic Division has signed a long-term contract for two aircraft to operate its flights within Antarctica.

  • Wayne Papps sitting at a computer

    Wayne Papps 1959–2003

    Peter Boyer pays tribute to Australian Antarctic Division photographer Wayne Papps.

  • Australian delegation to Antarctic Treaty Meeting

    Tourism management, liability and the first permanent secretariat for the Antarctic Treaty system will be some of the issues that Australia will try to resolve at the Antarctic Treaty Consultative Meeting and the Committee for Environmental Protection in Madrid next week.

  • Tribute to AAD photographer

    Dr Sharman Stone has paid tribute to Australian Antarctic Division photographer Wayne Papps, who fell to his death while photographing the magnificent coastline around Tasmania’s South Bruny Island.

  • Australian Antarctic Division mourns loss of photographer Wayne Papps

    Australian Antarctic Division photographer Wayne Papps has died following a fall from a cliff on South Bruny Island.

  • Macquarie Island bears brunt of storm

    Wild weather has hit Macquarie Island eroding parts of the isthmus and causing damage to some buildings, while people on the island remain safe.

  • Women in Science first for Tasmania

    Tasmania has joined the Women in Science Enquiry Network (WISENET). WISENET’s aim is to attract more women into science where they are currently under-represented.

  • Antarctic impressions on show

    'Antarctic Impressions’ – an exhibition that showcases for the first time the Antarctic Humanities Program – will be officially opened at Parliament House in Canberra today.

  • New Antarctic Marine Research Aquarium equals best in world

    A new aquarium and laboratory at the Australian Antarctic Division will help revolutionise the study of Antarctic marine organisms and ensure the preservation of the pristine values of the Antarctic.

  • Dr Stone announces Antarctic science grants

    Heard Island in the southern Indian Ocean is to be the focus of extensive research in the 2003–04 summer season, Parliamentary Secretary for the Antarctic Dr Sharman Stone announced today.

  • Call for research applications in Antarctic science

    The Australian Antarctic Division is inviting applications from researchers for projects in Antarctica in 2004–05.

  • Antarctic Director to head Australian delegation to Argentina

    Australian Antarctic Division Director, Dr Tony Press, is to lead a delegation to Argentina to further the establishment of the Antarctic Treaty Secretariat.

  • Feasibility on replacement buildings in Antarctica

    The Australian Antarctic Division is looking for an innovative and energy-efficient solution to accommodating researchers at Davis station in Antarctica.

  • Public input called for Marine Reserve Management Plan

    The Federal Government invites the public to help the Australian Antarctic Division draft a management plan for the Heard and McDonald Islands Marine Reserve.

  • Public seminar on the conservation of Mawson’s Huts in Antarctica

    A seminar in Canberra tomorrow will hear of the achievements towards the conservation of Sir Douglas Mawson's huts at Cape Denison in the far eastern part of the Australia Antarctic Territory.

  • Australian Antarctic Division farewells Polar Bird

    The polar resupply ship, Polar Bird, has arrived back in Hobart on its final voyage for the Australian Antarctic Division.

  • Antarctic rocks clue to global warming

    Rock samples collected by scientists in Antarctica will lead to a greater understanding of the consequences of sustained global warming.

  • Up and running — Antarctic’s first major wind turbine

    Massive turbine blades are turning at Australia’s Antarctic station, Mawson. It is the first serious attempt by any nation to use wind power generation in Antarctica, on a large scale, to reduce the use of diesel.

  • Tasmanian author captures Antarctica

    Parliamentary Secretary for the Antarctic Dr Sharman Stone has praised the work of Tasmanian children’s writer and illustrator Coral Tulloch whose book 'Antarctica – Heart of the World’ she launched today in Hobart.

  • Penguins on the move

    Visitors to the Australian Antarctic Division’s website are now able to follow the tracks of Adélie penguins as they forage for their food.

  • Antarctic runway on track

    Australian Antarctic Division engineers have made substantial progress on a runway being constructed near Casey station.

  • Casey station expeditioners working on remediation of the old Thala Valley tip site

    A day in the life of a tip rat

    Nick Edgerton talks about the sample collection process at the abandoned Thala Valley waste refuse site.

  • Antarctica calls

    The Australian Antarctic Division is offering the work experience of a lifetime. It has a wide range of positions based in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic in 2004.

  • Tasmanian teacher to promote Australian Antarctic research

    Science teacher Jak Denny plans to promote the importance of Australia’s Antarctic research through the classroom.

  • Antarctic wind to power Australian station

    Blades and turbine towers for Australia’s wind power generation in Antarctica depart Hobart today aboard the supply ship Polar Bird for installation at Mawson station.

  • Main summer Antarctic marine science voyage departs Hobart

    A detailed study to estimate the small-scale distribution of Antarctic krill in part of the Southern Ocean, will be carried out during an 11 week Antarctic research voyage departing today.