Antarctic runway work to begin

Trial construction of a snow and ice runway inland of Australia’s Casey… Read more

The iced-up bunk of Belgrave Edward Sutton Ninnis in Mawson's main hut, when uncovered in 2002.

Ninnis’ bunk uncovered on anniversary of his death in Antarctica

On the eve of the 90th anniversary of the death of Lieutenant Ninnis, Sir… Read more

Home of the Blizzard lives up to its reputation

Gale force winds and heavy seas have prevented the Russian icebreaker… Read more

One side of the stove in Mawson's main hut is visible through ice and other detritus, when uncovered in 2002.

Antarctic historic treasures revealed

The stove used by Australian Antarctic explorer Sir Douglas Mawson and his… Read more

Major German–Australian science project in Antarctica

A major Australian Antarctic Division collaborative science program will… Read more

Australia’s Antarctic practices get environmental gold star

Australia maintains its position as a role model for environmentally sound… Read more

Mawson’s Antarctic living quarters revealed

Sir Douglas Mawson’s living quarters at his Cape Denison Antarctic base… Read more

World leading system wins award nomination

A world leading computer system developed at the Australian Antarctic… Read more

Combating illegal fishing on agenda for international Antarctic meeting

Moves to crack down on illegal fishing in Antarctic waters will be on the… Read more

Heritage expedition announced for Mawson’s Huts

An Australian expedition will set sail for Antarctica tomorrow on the… Read more

Australian Antarctic chief wins international role

The Director of the Australian Antarctic Division has been appointed… Read more

The Kapitan Khlebnikov Icebreaker anchored against sea ice off Davis

Expeditioners prepare for first Antarctic voyage of season

A range of scientific programs to examine global climate change and a… Read more

Ancient Antarctic ice gives up climate change secrets

Prevailing theories about climate change have been challenged by new… Read more

World expert assists on Antarctic airlink project

The next stage in the development of Australia’s proposed air transport… Read more

Mawson’s Antarctic huts to get some TLC

The process of conserving the Antarctic site of the first expedition led… Read more

Antarctic Medal award acknowledges quiet achiever

The 2002 award of the Antarctic Medal to a Hobart man was a public… Read more

Antarctic storms likely cause of penguin deaths

The deaths of more than 120 penguins near Australia’s Mawson station late… Read more

Antarctic beauty on show at Parliament House

'Antarctica: valued, protected and understood' was opened by Dr Stone this… Read more

$102M to protect Australian Antarctic Territory

The Federal Government will spend $102.3 million in 2002–03 to deepen… Read more

10-year cleanup plan recognises unique value of Antarctic environment

Australia will give its environmental credentials a further boost by… Read more

$670,000 in Antarctic science grants awarded

Global and regional climate change, the health and well being of the… Read more

Conference shows Australia means business in protecting Antarctic environment

Australia’s leading role in studying how to reduce the impact of human… Read more

Big Antarctic ice break-out raises climate change concern

The recent loss of an area of nearly 8800 square kilometres from the… Read more

Aurora Australis returns with promise of joint Australia-Indonesia Antarctic science cooperation

Returning to Hobart on the Aurora Australis are two Indonesian scientists… Read more

Successful voyage sees start to Antarctic wind power project

The return to Hobart of Australia’s Antarctic supply ship, Polar Bird… Read more

Aurora beats ice conditions in hunt for science treasures

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Sydney company chosen to progress Antarctic air link

Australian Antarctic scientists are now a step closer to having air access… Read more

Tangaroa sails for Antarctica to undertake marine research

Japan’s Antarctic Research Expeditions has chartered the New Zealand owned… Read more

Mawson’s huts construction with workers on the roof and around the hut

Mawson’s home in the blizzard secured

An important piece of Australia’s heritage has a more secure future… Read more

Agreement to be signed on international Antarctic science venture

An agreement to be signed today will formalise plans for an… Read more

New Kingston facilities to enhance Antarctic research capability

An enhanced research capability for the Australian Antarctic Division will… Read more

Map detailing the location of the freed Polar Bird.

Polar Bird free of Antarctic ice after mammoth effort

A month trapped in Antarctic ice has ended for Australia’s supply ship… Read more

Aurora Australis breaks through ice to reach Antarctic ship

The Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis has broken through the final… Read more

Australia’s Antarctic supply ship struggles to break free of ice pack

Polar Bird, Australia’s polar supply ship, has been able to make its first… Read more

Round-the-clock effort completes Polar Bird program

The Australian icebreaker Aurora Australis has completed the remaining… Read more

Aurora Australis to move stranded expeditioners

Australia’s polar research ship Aurora Australis is to transport… Read more

Japan criticised over Antarctic whaling activity

Dr Sharman Stone, Parliamentary Secretary responsible for the Australian… Read more