The Parliamentary Secretary for the Antarctic Dr Sharman Stone has paid tribute to Tasmania’s Governor, Sir Guy Green, who retires today.

Dr Stone said that Sir Guy had been a great supporter of the Australian Government’s Antarctic Program.

“Sir Guy has a long-standing interest in Antarctica and instituted the Governor’s Antarctic Forum after coming to office in 1995,” Dr Stone said.

“The Forum brought together the many government, business, tourist and other bodies who have an interest in Antarctica.

“The Australian Government’s Antarctic Program and policy interests have benefited greatly from Sir Guy’s passion for the frozen continent.

“His deep understanding of the significant role Australia plays in Antarctica, our scientific research and our commitment to protecting the Antarctic environment have been voiced on several occasions.

“Sir Guy’s belief in the Antarctic Treaty is well known and came in for special mention when he gave the inaugural Phillip Law Lecture in 2002,” said Dr Stone.

“His support over the years for the annual meeting of the multi-nation Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources has done much to lay the groundwork for productive discussions.

“During his eight-year tenure as Governor of Tasmania Sir Guy joined an Australian Antarctic Division (AAD) voyage south on the resupply ship Polar Bird to sub-Antarctic Macquarie Island which is part of Tasmania."

Dr Stone said that Sir Guy Green would be remembered fondly by the AAD and the international Antarctic community for his ongoing support and interest.