The Parliamentary Secretary for the Antarctic Dr Sharman Stone has paid tribute to Australian Antarctic Division photographer Wayne Papps.

Mr Papps fell to his death while photographing the magnificent coastline around Tasmania’s South Bruny Island.

Dr Stone said that Wayne Papps’ images captured the essence of Antarctica in its many forms.

“Mr Papps was renowned for his expertise in polar and wilderness photography. He had exhibited in Australia and overseas and his work was recognised worldwide through many publications as well.

“Wayne Papps’ voyages to Mawson station in 1999 and Casey station in 2000 were major highlights in his working life and in his pictures he shares with us the privilege he felt in going to Antarctica,” said Dr Stone.

Dr Stone said that Mr Papps would be greatly missed by all at the Australian Antarctic Division and the broader Antarctic community.

“I had many conversations with Wayne who was so dedicated and loved his work. He had great plans for the future of the Australian Antarctic photographic collection. This is a very tragic loss,” Dr Stone said.