Australian Capital Territory

Institution: Australian National University

Recipient: Dr Anya Reading
Project Title: The deep structure of East Antarctica from broad-band seismic data.

Recipient: Dr Mary Skotnicki
Project Title: Conservation of plant biodiversity in Antarctica — a genetic approach.

Recipient: Dr Mary Skotnicki
Project Title: Investigation of virus biodiversity in Antarctic terrestrial plants.

Recipient: Dr Paul Tregoning
Project Title: Glacial Isostatic Rebound in East Antarctica.


Institution: La Trobe University

Recipient: Professor Peter Dyson
Project Title: Upper atmosphere dynamics and thermodynamics.

Recipient: Professor Peter Dyson
Project Title: Investigations of Space Weather and the Mesosphere using the TIGER Radar.

Recipient: Dr Simon Goldsworthy
Project Title: The conservation of fur seals in the antarctic marine ecosystem.

Recipient: Dr Paul Sunnucks
Project Title: Molecular studies of the origins and dispersal patterns of invertebrates in the Antarctic and sub-Antarctic.

Recipient: Dr Paul Sunnucks
Project Title: Introduced invasive terrestrial invertebrates on Macquarie Island:
studies on ecology origins and control

Institution: University of Melbourne

Recipient: Dr Sandy Iuliano-Burns
Project Title: Does prolonged sun deprivation in Antarctic conditions cause
irreversible bone loss?

Recipient: A/Professor Ian Simmonds
Project Title: The influence of the El Nino-Southern Oscillation on Antarctic
and sub-Antarctic climate

Recipient: A/Professor Ian Simmonds
Project Title: The variability of the southern annular mode and associations
with high latitude weather and climate

Recipient: Professor Geoff Stevens
Project Title: Development and application of technologies for the removal of
heavy-metal contaminants from run-off associated with
abandoned waste disposal sites

Recipient: Professor Geoff Stevens
Project Title: Constraints on hydrocarbon absorption and nutrient release from
zeolites at low temperatures for hydrocarbon remediation in Antarctica

Recipient: Professor Chris Wilson
Project Title: Interpretation of airborne geophysical data acquired during PCMEGA

Institution: Museum of Victoria

Recipient: Dr Jan Watson
Project Title: Hydroids of the BANZARE Antarctic expeditions 1916–1931


Institution: Griffith University

Recipient: Professor Al Gabric
Project Title: Biogeochemical modelling of the feedback between ocean biota
and climate at polar latitudes

Institution: University of Queensland

Recipient: Dr Hamish McGowan
Project Title: Frozen dunes: An indicator of climate variability, McMurdo Dry Valleys, Antarctic.

Institution: University of Southern Queensland

Recipient: Dr Joachim Ribbe
Project Title: On sub-Antarctic Mode Water Production and Export.

New South Wales

Institution: Macquarie University

Recipient: Dr Damian Gore
Project Title: Subsurface investigations of Marine Plain.

Recipient: Dr Damian Gore
Project Title: The hydraulic behaviour of Permeable Reactive Barrier materials under freeze-thaw conditions.

Recipient: Dr Patricia Selkirk
Project Title: Measurement of moss growth rates in Antarctica.

Institution: Southern Cross University

Recipient: Professor Graham Jones
Project Title: Factors affecting DMS inthe seasonal ice zone.

Institution: University of Newcastle

Recipient: Professor Brian Fraser
Project Title: Observations of ULF space plasma waves in Antarctica.

Recipient: Professor Brian Fraser
Project Title: A Southern Hemisphere imaging riometer experiment (SHIRE).

Institution: University of New South Wales

Recipient: Dr Michael Burton
Project Title: The automated astrophysical site testing observatory.

Recipient: Dr Matthew England
Project Title: Variability and stability of Antarctic Bottom Water.

Institution: University of Sydney

Recipient: Dr Geoff Clarke
Project Title: The strength of the lower continental crust; evidence from Stillwell Hills-Oygarden Group.

Recipient: Dr Rachel Codd
Project Title: Molecular Characterisation of Cold-Adapted Metallo-Oxotransferases from the Dimethylsulfoxide Reductase Family Expressed by Antarctic Bacteria (Genus: Shewanella).

Recipient: Dr Dietmar Muller
Project Title: Constraining the history of curcum-antarctic circulation with digital southern ocean palaeo-depth maps.

Institution: University of Technology

Recipient: Dr John Runcie
Project Title: Are Antarctic macroalgae more sensitive to contaminates than lower latitude species? Development and application of novel ecotoxicological techniques.

Institution: University of Wollongong

Recipient: Dr Sharon Robinson
Project Title: Using microsatellites as markers to explore genetic variation in 'Ceratodon purpureus'.


Institution: Department of Primary Industries, Water and Environment

Recipient: Dr Rosemary Gales
Project Title: Conservation and population status of albatrosses and giant petrels on Macquarie Island.

Institution: University of Tasmania

Recipient: Mr Leon Barmuta
Project Title: Antarctic freshwater lake fauna: Palaeobiogeography, palaeoecology and applications to climate change studies.

Recipient: Dr John Bowman
Project Title: Bacterial hydrocarbon degradation and impacts of hydrocarbon pollutants on microbial communities within Antarctic coastal sediments.

Recipient: Professor Richard Coleman
Project Title: Ridging and Calving on the Amery Ice Shelf.

Recipient: Professor Richard Coleman
Project Title: Fracturing and deformation along the Amery Ice Shelf.

Recipient: Dr Garry Davidson
Project Title: Geophysical imaging, structural analysis and alteration geochemistry of the Macquarie Island crust, to constrain the tectonic and hydrothermal history of the ocean floor.

Recipient: Dr Mark Hindell
Project Title: The effect of spatial and temporal variation in marine productivity on energy acquisition in southern elephant seals, Mirounga leonina.

Recipient: A/Professor Andrew McMinn
Project Title: Sea ice primary production of eastern Antarctica.

Recipient: A/Professor Andrew McMinn
Project Title: Effect of Global Change on the Primary Production of Antarctic coastal Ecosystems.

Recipient: Dr Manual Nunez
Project Title: UV climate over the Southern Ocean south of Australia, and its biological impact.

Recipient: Professor Pat Quilty
Project Title: Holocene sea-ice history: the association between deep-sea and continental ice core records.

Recipient: Dr Andrew Seen
Project Title: Development and application of DGT devices for passive sampling of contaminated waters in the Antarctic environment.

Recipient: Dr Kerrie Swadling
Project Title: The fate of primary production in Antarctic sea ice: the role of metazoan grazers.

Recipient: Dr Fiona Taylor
Project Title: Response of Antarctic marine diatoms to environment modification.

Recipient: Dr Eric Woehler
Project Title: Monitoring for long-term or cumulative impacts in Southern Ocean seabirds.

Recipient: Dr Eric Woehler
Project Title: Variability in the distribution and abundance of seabirds in the
Southern Indian Ocean.

Western Australia

Institution: Curtin University

Recipient: Professor Kevin Rosman
Project Title: Heavy metal concentrations and isotope ratios in Law Dome snow as
indicators of recent climatic and environmental variability.

South Australia

Institution: Flinders University

Recipient: Dr Jim Mitchell
Project Title: Impact of viscosity on the morphology and swimming behaviour of motile bacterioplankton, phytoplankton and protozooplankton.

Recipient: Dr Laurent Seuront
Project Title: Three-dimensional microscale distribution and production of
plankton populations.

Recipient: Professor Matt Tomczak
Project Title: Objective determination of water mass property changes in the
Circumpolar current during 1991–1996.

Institution: University of Adelaide

Recipient: Dr Iain Reid
Project Title: A meteor radar for measuring mesospheric and lower thermospheric winds and temperature at Davis Station.

Recipient: Dr Bob Vincent
Project Title: Dynamical coupling in the Antarctic middle atmosphere.