Satellite image of B17B. Taken 11 December 2009.

B17B iceberg slowly breaking up

The giant iceberg, known as B17B, is gradually breaking up as it drifts… Read more


Aerial whale research

Listen to quantitative ecologist, Dr Natalie Kelly, talk about her… Read more

Satellite image of iceberg south west from West Australian coast

Giant iceberg heading towards Australia

A giant iceberg 140 square kilometres 19km long by 8km wide — in size is… Read more

Aaron Spur deploying long line camera

Australian Antarctic marine science voyage

The impacts of bottom fishing and ocean acidification are two of the key… Read more

Tracking emperor penguin chicks

Listen to Seabird Ecologist, Dr Barbara Wienecke, explain her research on… Read more

The phytoplankton of Casey

Phytoplankton let us breathe…

Take one deep breath, pause, and contemplate that that last breath was a… Read more

Elephant Seal and iceberg at Sandy Bay on Macquarie Island’s east coast

Icebergs continue march north

Hundreds of icebergs are spread over a large area around Macquarie Island… Read more

Basler aircraft used for the ICECAP project on the ground at Casey skiway

Ancient ice provides clues to future climate change

Australian, British, American and French scientists have teamed up to… Read more

A crane on the Aurora Australia uploads cargo from the ice onto the ship

Antarctic sun study leads to tighter regulation

A new study showing many Antarctic workers exceed recommended levels of… Read more

One of the icebergs around Macquarie Island

More icebergs surround Macquarie Island

A large mass of icebergs is drifting north from Antarctica, past the… Read more

Adelie Colony on Coronation Island, South Orkney Islands

New Marine Protected Area in Antarctica

The Commission for the Conservation of Antarctic Marine Living Resources… Read more

Iceberg near Macquarie Island

Massive iceberg mesmerises Macquarie Islanders

Macquarie Island expeditioners were treated to a rare sight this week with… Read more

Jane Dobson testing the conductivity of sea ice in Antarctica

Antarctic teacher goes to top of the class

A teacher who travelled south with the Australian Antarctic Division has… Read more

Dr Ian Allison speaking to the media ahead of the first voyage to Antarctica

10 year ice shelf project nears completion

Australian researchers heading to Antarctica today will return to the… Read more

Emperor penguin chick

Satellite trackers to delve into diet of emperor penguin chicks

With the help of satellite trackers, the foraging habits of emperor… Read more

Antarctic Division personnel disembarking the A319 aircraft on the ice at McMurdo station

Flight to Casey station via McMurdo for Australian Antarctic program

Australia’s Antarctic summer season has begun early this year with a new… Read more

Dr Jeff Ayton

Antarctic doctor to head Australian College of Rural and Remote Medicine

The Australian Antarctic Division’s Chief Medical Officer, Dr Jeff Ayton… Read more

External view of Mawson’s Huts Cape Denison, Commonwealth Bay

$1.2M for Antarctic science and heritage conservation

Federal Environment and Heritage Minister Peter Garrett today announced… Read more

Electron microscope specialist Marilyn Carey with the new equipment.

Illuminating mysteries of the microscopic world

A new field emission Scanning Electron Microscope (SEM) using… Read more

Mawson station Doctor Glenn Browning using the ultrasound on a patient

Taking medicine from Antarctica to the outback

A collaborative project involving doctors from the Australian Antarctic… Read more

Project Engineer Mark Pekin and Fibreglass Technician Kim Rafferty inspect the internal composition of the panels

Hi-tech Antarctic accommodation’s just plain sailing

Design technology used in yachts is being harnessed to construct… Read more

CASA 212–400 aircraft nearing Davis station

Antarctic medicine in the spotlight

Remote medical rescue and treatment in Antarctica will be featured at an… Read more

King penguin chicks in front of the remnants of a boiler and digester

King penguins recolonise Macquarie Island

King penguins are recolonising the Macquarie Island Isthmus almost 100… Read more

Seabird ecologist Dr Graham Robertson

International award for seabird saving device

An Australian Antarctic Division scientist has jointly won an award for a… Read more

Shooting a green beam of light from the new laser for testing purposes at the Kingston laboratory

New laser to probe Antarctic atmosphere

Australia’s research into the Antarctic ozone hole and climate will be… Read more

Warehouse and Distribution Supervisor, Amber Martyn, holds a box of donated clothing

Surplus Antarctic clothing donated to charity

The Australian Antarctic Division is donating surplus and obsolete… Read more

Ian Ball working on his computer on the Marxan software

Antarctic scientist wins Eureka Prize

The Australian Antarctic Division’s Ian Ball has won a prestigious Eureka… Read more

Nella Dan aground on jagged Macquarie Island rocks

Antarctic Expeditioners receive Bravery Award

Former Australian Antarctic expeditioners involved in the rescue of… Read more

Lighter Amphibious Resupply Cargo vehicle coming out of the water at Electrona

Amphibious Landing Craft in Antarctica

Ex-Army Amphibious Landing Craft are being given a new lease on life by… Read more

Ice sheets in Antarctica

ACE CRC funding supports more Australian Antarctic research

The Antarctic Climate and Ecosystems Cooperative Research Centre (ACE CRC)… Read more

Ian Ball working on his computer on the Marxan software

Antarctic scientist a Eureka Prize finalist

A computer program which helps efficiently map Nature Reserves and Marine… Read more

AMISOR hot water drilling program on Amery Ice Shelf — Scientists preparing hose winder for hot water drill

Under the Amery Ice Shelf

The 9000 year history of an aquatic community below the Amery Ice Shelf in… Read more

The cover of Tom Griffith’s book — Slicing the Silence: Voyaging to Antarctica

Australian Antarctic Arts Fellow wins PM’s Prize

Former Australian Antarctic Arts Fellow, Tom Griffiths, has been jointly… Read more

IWC endorses Southern Ocean Research Partnership

The International Whaling Commission has endorsed a five-year non-lethal… Read more

David Pullinger, winner of the 2009 Antarctic Medal, piloting a helicopter.

Helicopter pilot awarded 2009 Antarctic medal

David Pullinger, a helicopter pilot with more than two decades of… Read more

Sun dogs and Sun pillar at Casey station

Mid-winter light show in Antarctica

Antarctic expeditioners have been treated to a mid-winter solar display. Read more

Humpback whale with tag

World’s largest non-lethal whale research partnership launched

Australia and New Zealand today announced the first Antarctic whale… Read more

MODIS Terra satellite image of the nacreous clouds taken at 0514 Universal Time on 3 June 2009.

Rare ‘mother-of-pearl’ clouds sighted in Antarctica

Beautiful and rare nacreous clouds have been sighted at Mawson. Read more

Krill in their experimental tanks.

Darkness sheds light on krill reproduction

When it comes to reproduction, Antarctic krill like the lights off. Read more

Minister Garrett and others in science lab

Whale tagging tells previously unknown story

Environment Minister Peter Garrett today visited the Australian Antarctic… Read more

Laysan albatross (Phoebastria immutabilis) pair and chick

ACAP success in Norway

Australian participation in a joint proposal extends protected species… Read more

The A-319 taxis into Wilkins Runway

$36.9 million to keep Australia’s Antarctic program on track

The Australian Antarctic Division has received an extra $25.2 million over… Read more

Image of LIDAR measurements from Davis station on 19 April 2009

Bushfire smoke reaches Davis station

Smoke from the February 2009 Victorian bushfires has been detected… Read more

Delegates at an Antarctic Treaty Meeting in 2006.

50th anniversary of the Antarctic Treaty

US Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton, addressed ministers and officials… Read more

Close up of a dwarf minke whale’s head

Aerial whale surveys a first in the Antarctic pack ice

New data on minke whale distribution in pack ice in the Southern Ocean and… Read more

Breaching humpback whale

Whale workshop to forge science partnership

Environment Minister Peter Garrett today said he was very pleased that… Read more

A collection of star fish and sea cucumbers.

Australian polar research at the close of the International Polar Year

Australian Antarctic scientists joined with polar researchers around the… Read more

5 flag poles with flags from USA, England, Australia, Germany and China

Antarctic subglacial mountain range the size of the Alps mapped

An international team of scientists has created a detailed picture of a… Read more

Breaching humpback whale

$1.5 million boost for whale research

Environment Minister Peter Garrett today invited applications for a share… Read more

Antarctic Arts Fellow for 2009 Stephen Eastaugh

Antarctic Arts Fellowship recipient announced

Visual artist Stephen Eastaugh has been announced as the Australian… Read more

Satellite image of Elephant Spit, showing intact sand spit

Rare visit to remote Southern Ocean territory finds changes

The AAD recently visited the remote territory of Heard Island and McDonald… Read more

Vegetation along Finch Creek, Macquarie Island in 2001 showing the tall lush native plant community, mostly unmodified by rabbit grazing.

Lessons learned from devastating effects of cat eradication on Macquarie Island

Research published today has used World Heritage-listed Macquarie Island… Read more