The Australian Antarctic Division is donating surplus and obsolete Antarctic clothing to local and international charity organisations and school groups.

More than 52 pallets of equipment are being cleared out of the Division’s warehouse in Kingston.

Warehouse and Distribution Supervisor, Amber Martyn, said a lot of the clothing has been superseded by new technology.

“We have some polar specific equipment including about 200 old freezer suits, 300 balaclavas, 120 goggles and 600 pairs of gloves,” Ms Martyn said.

“There’s also some cold weather clothing including approximately 350 woollen shirts and trousers, 140 polar fleece jackets and 150 pairs of boots which are being given to charity,” she said.

The polar specific equipment is being donated to The Sir Edmund Hillary Foundation in Nepal and Inuit communities in America.

Several schools have also expressed interest in taking some of the polar clothing for Antarctic Studies classes.

The cold weather clothing will go to Tasmanian charities St Vincent de Paul and the Salvation Army.