This week at Mawson, our plumber Dean gives a tongue in cheek story of life on station.

This week at Mawson, our plumber Dean gives a tongue in cheek story of life on station.

A day in the life of Pablo Expobar

It is 4.30 in the morning when the first passer-by shuffles past me looking for their daily endorphin hit from the cardio gym.  I give them a bit of a toot from my boiler relief valve indicating I’ll be ready and waiting for their return. 

My name is Pablo Expobar, the station coffee machine at Mawson station, arguably the hardest worker of this finely tuned station.  I am also the most popular by far, abused by most, loved and cared for by the plumbers.

6.30 comes around in quickly and it is go time for me.  The mess becomes a scene from the old Warner Brother’s cartoon, “Morning Ralph, Morning Sam” and so my day begins in earnest.  Double espresso for the chippy, long macchiato for the plumber, a flat white with one for the chef and a hot skinny almond latte for the boilermaker.  Caffeine flowing thick and fast as I try to keep cool under the pressure.  Occasionally I hear some expletives fly when someone opens Freddie the fridge to discover the milk jugs haven’t been refilled. 

7.30 and its time for a breather.  The tradies have left to start their day and I’m looking forward to some TLC.  My daily makeover is due and the super slushy of the day is happy to oblige.  Fresh glasses and mugs, topped up with beans and a quick tickle under the armpits with a small brush and I’m feeling like a new machine, gleaming in readiness for the smoko rush.

 9.30 rolls around and I’m looking forward to seeing my favourite customers.  A coffee cartel has been established and they have a great appreciation of my hard work.  Often they are spotted raiding the dessert fridge for a mid-morning sugar hit while enjoying another of my brews.  Milk froth art is critiqued intensely and I am often amazed and occasionally disturbed by the imagination of some of their minds.

My days work is now done, though I sit here, stainless steel armour shining in the midday sun, ready for another person in need. 

Dean Murray

(Summer Plumber/Chief Barrista)