This week at Mawson, Shane McNamara shows us the highlights of his summer season.

This week at Mawson the Sea Ice left us.

This week at Mawson the sea ice left us.

Water views in time for our Aussie Day swim.

After doing a few seasons now, a lot of Antarctic life seems familiar, however every season is different & has some first-time experiences.

So far this season mine have been:

  • First voyage south on the Nuyina.
  • Relatively good internet on the ship.
  • Witness Nuyina ice trials.
  • Fly in a Twin Otter.
  • See (fata morgana). Optical illusion causing ice bergs to appear to be floating above the horizon.
  • See orcas before breakfast. 
  • Be a part of King Neptune ceremony crossing 60 degrees south. (Role was Queen Neptune)
  • Spend a night at Mt Henderson Hut with only 5 Knots of wind. (Normally 30 knots or more)
  • Overnight survival training bivvied out on rocks as opposed to snow.

A picture tells a thousand words so here are some pictures.

Shane McNamara Summer Sparkie