A busy week with the annual resupply operation in progress.

V3 Resupply 2019

It’s busy times at Mawson with the station undertaking annual resupply operations. 

Since Tuesday 29 January, station and ship-based teams have been working tirelessly to complete job handovers, cargo transfers, a range of key science projects, and refuelling operations.

For the most part, weather conditions have been favourable to operational work. A run of glorious sunny days with low winds allowed the Aurora Australis to safely moor in Mawson’s Horseshoe Harbour, expediting cargo and refuelling work (also making for some spectacular photo backdrops!).

At the time of writing, the bulk of resupply has been successfully completed, with only a small amount of cargo operations and science work remaining. 

Weather pending, it is anticipated resupply operations will be completed in the coming days and the station will be officially handed over to the newly arrived expeditioners of the 72nd ANARE team.