Racing to complete work and launching Casino D'Ice

Home time is coming

So. The big red ship is on the way to Mawson. It brings the next team of winterers so it’s time for all of us here to gear up for going home. We're cleaning, packing, eConning and madly finishing all project work. All recreational field travel is over and holidays and reunions are being planned.

The new science container work is finished, the balloon building is operational again (although still all those little jobs to be done), major powerhouse works have been completed and some essential sewer line replacements done.

Seamus has built us new poles and bollards to mark the boatramp and wharf areas (now we can even find them in a snow drift!) and spent some of his own time painting the actual bollards into little ‘minions'. That should put a smile on the WCO's faces during resupply. 

We had our official end of season celebration last Saturday night when Keiran and his team transformed our upstairs living area in to “Casino D'Ice”, complete with show lounge, VIP room and homemade ipad pokie machines (oh, the resourcefulness of expeditioners!).

There was roulette on the pool table, followed by craps; blackjack going all night; Texas hold'em for the high rollers and a 'magic wheel' that had to close early as it won everyone's money far too quickly. Much fun was had by all: it's a much less stressful experience when you're not using real money! Once the casino closed, it was time for the karaoke to begin and for new talents (or some we've been subjected to before) to be revealed. A fitting ending to our Mawson season!

The weather looks good for us to celebrate Australia Day on Sunday, complete with the annual inter-station KBA 10km challenge and the traditional swim. Yes! About half the harbour is open water so swimming can happen, and hopefully that means the big red ship will get to us as planned…