Teeming with amazing wildlife

Animal spotting at Macca

Whilst we are constantly surrounded by gentoo and king penguins, elephant seals, giant petrels, brown skuas as well as thousands of other animals that call this island home, this week at Macca we have seen some of the less common creatures that pop up every so often.

We have had a few Hooker's sea lions appear this year and were lucky enough to spot two in the last week. Unfortunately, spotting sea lions can often result in a gentoo penguin or two disappearing!

Our first leopard seal of the season was spotted lounging around out the front of Green Gorge hut last weekend and was kind enough to show some teeth for some keen expeditioners' photographs.

Orcas have been less rare over winter, but are always a welcome sight as they cruise up and down the coast chasing prey.

With the breeding season of elephant seals about to begin in the next week or two, and with the remaining animals following shortly after, I wonder what the crew are going to see on our shores in the next few months?

Troy Henderson

Communications Technical Officer