This week at Macca we delve into the world of amateur darts

The Inter Station Darts Tournament and Macca's Quest For Glory

The last few weekends at Macca has seen the annual Interstation Darts Comp fire up and some good ol’ smack talking between the stations.

The darts tournament is conducted between the 3 stations on the Antarctic Continent and the handsome ladies and gentlemen here on Macca. Due to the smells and general unpleasant behaviour of the Antarctic folks, all games are conducted over a video link (much like a Zoom call for all those working from home).

The format for the tournament is a best of 3 game of Shanghai, with each station providing a new team of 2 competitors for each game.

Round 1 for Macca faced us up against the Casey Crybabies. We all know that the Casey crew this year are known for being a bit scared of the weather and have instead spent their time indoors in the warmth where they feel comfortable. We expected them to come out strong as their darts board is apparently right next to a heater. Casey played a great game and came away with a very narrow victory taking out 2 games to 1.

Round 2 had the Mighty Macca Machines up against the Davis Dorks. Some great weather over the weekend led to some personnel changes on the Macca line up, as some of the team got out and about to explore the island. In a shocking result that I don’t think anyone saw coming, Macca went down again 2 games to 1.

Round 3 this weekend will have Macca up against the Mawson Mouldy Meatballs. Mawson is known as a bit of a retirement village, so this game has had to be scheduled in the early afternoon before the mature aged members of Mawson get tucked in for their afternoon nap. I would say please wish us luck, but I honestly don’t think we need it.

May the best team win!

Troy Henderson

Station Communications Technical Officer