Renaming November for a good cause

Movember - MOst Southern MOustaches

MOvember… the month formally known as November.​

This week we end the first month of our Davis 21/22 season with fourteen Mo Bros and one Mo Sista wrapping up their hard-earned work raising funds for men's health!

What started out as a passing comment back in Australia soon snowballed into the formation of the MOst Southern MOustaches! As the name suggests these ticklish lip-toppers are a long way from home with Davis being the most southerly Australian Antarctic station.

We kicked off MOvember via a teams meeting with proof of freshly-shaven upper lips and Will shaving off his three-year-old beard. Antarctica is a big place and we were surprised to learn that our New Zealand friends at the Scott Base also have a Movember team. A team challenge was started and soon after the #BledisMoeCup was founded, quickly gained MOmentum with an amazing amount of support from home and abroad.

It took longer than anticipated (delayed flights) for our team to reunite on station. When the weather gods allowed, the admiring of each other's MOs began. Our chippies, Lucas and Jamie, knocked up an oversized MO to grace the station deck. The MOnstrous tash took a field trip around station for a few a happy snaps with the team.

A huge thank you to those that signed up, the other Davis expeditioners for their support, the media team for their help in spreading the word and all the donations from family and friends. Big or small, your donation will help fund groundbreaking projects in mental health and suicide prevention, prostate and testicular cancer. At the time of writing the team challenge has raised $12582 with the MOjority coming from the Most Southern Moustaches with $8816!

Thanks to our New Zealand friends for accepting the challenge, we hope to see you next year for another BledisMoeCup.

Mo on,

Expedition Mechanic