The seals are finally returning!

Seals and a Stalker Hill walk.

Another week flies by here at Davis. We’ve been busy viewing and judging the 2021 WIFFA (Winter International Film Festival of Antarctica) entries and will hopefully have the results next week. Definitely a broad range of ideas in the mix!

The seal survey team were out again this week and, finally, other life was spotted! Four Weddell seals were seen on the ice in Long Fjord, including a very pregnant female. We are no longer alone here. Our drives on the sea ice will get all the more interesting when we have seals and birds to look at again.

Field huts were busy on the weekend and two of the groups met up on Sunday for a walk up Stalker Hill. At 144m, the hill is one of the highest points in the Vestfolds and affords a sensational view of the surrounding lakes. It comes complete with a cache on top with a logbook for visitors to sign.

Otherwise, we’ve all just been working hard. Really hard. Promise.