What keeps the station diesos busy?

Powerhouse Engine rebuild

As diesos on station, our number one priority is to keep our 10 litre CAT generators purring around the clock. Not only do we desire it to provide the wi-fi, but also more important things like lighting, heating, food refrigeration, cooking and to prevent the fresh and waste water from freezing. The three mechanics monitor the powerhouse 4 times a day on a rotating roster, to ensure reliable operation and early detection of any problems. This recently resulted in the identification of an engine that had undertaken a fair amount of work, was starting to burn oil and required a rebuild.

Attention to detail was our number one priority for the job. We have four main gensets and are often running three at a time, so we can’t afford any unnecessary downtime for re-works. We worked in a good rhythm, each of us taking on jobs to not get in each other’s way, and getting the engine back online in just over three days. It started first crank and had no faults – always a satisfying feeling.

We’re continuing to keep up with our work loads and conduct our busy station lives, but we now live without a sun; the sun not venturing above the horizon as we count down to midwinter and creep further into darkness. But it’ll return to normal in no time, as the weeks here seem to roll by in a flash. We need to take a step back and enjoy the beauty this place has to offer. It’s like nowhere else, a final frontier.

Jono Tobey
Station mechanic