A seamless station handover

Resupply with MPV Everest

The 74th ANARE finally arrived on land at Davis station on Thursday February 25th and resupply operations commenced soon after. All inbound cargo, bar one tricky vehicle lift, is now ashore and return to Australia (RTA) cargo is almost all back on the ship. The two helicopters that have wintered here are operational again and will be joining the ship for the next leg to Mawson, as soon as weather conditions are suitable.

Official station handover from the 73rd to the 74th was on Tuesday March 2. On behalf of all of the 74th, a big thanks to Dave Knoff and his 73rd team for leaving us such a clean and tidy station and for a great handover. Best of luck to all of you for whatever comes next!

Esther Rodewald
Station Leader