T'was a monumental occasion with the old curtains of 'Casey wallow' being drawn for the last time

Out with the old, in with the new

After a gruelling selection process, three of Casey’s finest expeditioners were handpicked to undertake the task of replacing the Casey 'wallow' curtains.

First up though, there were a few safety requirements to be implemented, like cordoning off the area and the erection of scaffolding and a platform to reach the upper windows.

With all that efficiently in place it was onwards to prepare the curtains, with the art of drapery clearly no challenge for these crafty expeditioners.

With that step completed, the curtains were carefully carried to their new home, where they were delicately hung into position. Fellow station members began to gather and watch on. Soon, all that remained was to remove the barricading and unveil this material masterpiece.

And then suddenly, there they were! What a sight to behold! The mood in the 'wallow' was euphoric, the old curtains now but a mere fading memory.

In the humble opinion of this construction crew member the new curtains will undoubtably be the focal point of many a future ANARE season to come.

- Brad K (Wilkins winter plant operator/new curtain construction crew)