Communications Technician Andy presents arguably the funniest station news this season.

My top ten winter season highlights

Looking back in the past eleven months living and working at Casey station, I am very blessed and proud to be one of the winterers.

Here are my top ten highlights:

  1. The ‘A’ factor must be respected. What’s derived from the ‘A’ factor is: ‘Get things done while there is a window.’
  2. I may have over-achieved the first layer of cold weather defense after observing what the mulching penguin does, bad example. I almost couldn’t believe the doctor’s weighing scale.
  3. Our expos here in the station are lovely and sometimes welcome you home with a sign (see picture).
  4. It may take a season to find out who is the bad weather magnet…still yet to be determined.
  5. Someone tells me that a real expo must have used an ‘incinerator toilet’ (see picture).
  6. The unforgiving blizzards taught me more about respect for nature and humility for wind. Putting more weight on did not stop me getting blown away by blizzard winds - only the blizz line does.
  7. Resources are finite, so don’t get caught eating too much leafy salad. I am still working on it.
  8. When the Raspberry Pi (computer terminolgy for the uninitiated) gives the SCTO the lemon during the blizzard, a mouldy peach may be an equivalent substitution (see picture).
  9. Some expos DO have trouble understanding what ‘lost and found’ means (see picture).
  10. Finally, the biggest highlight of my season, is welcoming a new daughter – Kaitlyn – born during the winter. My sincere gratitude to my lovely wife, Catherine - the bravest lady who supports me all the way in my decision to come down South, while keeping the household rolling, our boy Theodore healthy and happy and of course giving birth to our amazing daughter Kaitlyn.

- Andy Hung (2021 Casey winter Station Communications Technical Officer - SCTO)