Summer is coming...

With the calendar ticking over to October, the Casey winter team are quickly reaching the end of the season.

After 11 months on the ice, our focus now turns to end of season preparations. Our primary focus is supporting the preparation of Wilkins runway - the gateway for flights from Australia. The Wilkins crew continue to work carefully, methodically and tirelessly to clear and prep the ice runway for flights to start at the end of October.

At Casey, October sees a large continuing focus on science support, with our expedition team undertaking field project work to service remote cameras for seabird research, along with frequent checks of seven wave buoys deployed in the Swain Island group for sea ice research.

All in all, Casey continues to feature snow for days, intermittent blizzards, the slow return of seals and birds, sea ice blowouts and, as always, is as busy as ever - we are happy, well and looking forward to summer season starting very soon!

- Kyle (Station Leader).