I'm white, round but not always around...what am I?

Riddle me this

What am I?

10 Points: I’m white, round but not always around.

7 Points: Sometimes I’m half, sometimes I’m whole, sometimes a slice of me is all you’ll know.

4 Points: Sometimes I’m light, sometimes I’m dark, sometimes I’m both.

1 Point: Everyone wants to walk on me but only a happy few have.

What am I?

The Moon. How many points did you get?

Casey recently had a cloud free day. I know, it only took until June for this miracle to happen!

I’m walking from the current station down to the old station. I climb up the rocks and look back towards the station and see, in all its glory, a huge full moon sitting just above the workshop. My first thought was, 'Wow did Bruce Almighty pull the moon closer again?' My second thought was, 'Of course I don’t have my camera with me.' I walk back to station, get my camera & tripod, and walk up to the west end of station to get some moon shots.

I had grand plans of taking all these stunning National Geographic style photos of me with the full moon. Unfortunately, two things prevented me from this. The first is my skill with my camera is minimal. If I can’t do it on the fully auto setting, then I can’t do it. The second is that it is really hard to position yourself correctly when the camera is 50m away, while the moon is in space and moving.

There was no time to deal with the first problem, but the second problem was overcome with the help of others. I called in the talent, explained what I wanted, took a few example photos and away we went.

In. Your. Face Neil Armstrong.

- 'Linc' (If you know, you know).