International scientific collaboration: let’s maximise our efforts

Australia values the collaborations we already have in all areas of Australia’s Antarctic science program enormously, but we are keen to establish more. The spirit of cooperation within the Antarctic Treaty is a fantastic springboard for collaborative scientific research. The more we can all work together and combine our logistic and scientific support, the better it will be for scientific knowledge of the Antarctic continent and Southern Ocean.

If you are interested in working with us in the Australian science program please contact us. Look at our web site and phone, fax or email us with your ideas for joint projects. In May each year we open science applications for the following season, i.e. in May 2004 we will call for applications for the 2005–06 season.

It always takes time to set up new collaborations but the first step is to start talking to us. Australia has just announced its new science strategic plan for the next five years and published it on the AAD website. So please take a look and think about how we can work together.

Gwen Fenton, Science Planning & Coordination, AAD