Freeze Frame

Brian Jury is the 2017 wintering Mechanical Supervisor at Mawson research station, responsible for the operation and maintenance of the power generation and plant. He has spent 35 years working in the mining and construction industry in Western Australia, as well as periods in Indonesia and Indo-China. He previously wintered as a diesel mechanic at Casey station in 1986.

Brian says:

This photo was taken using an Olympus OMD E5 Mk II set at F2.8 with a 20 second exposure. It was about 8:30pm at the end of March, when the aurora was quite active. This was one of a series of photos I took over two hours in temperatures hovering around −22°C, and my fingers were pretty frozen by the end of the evening. Photographing auroras can be frustrating as you just get your camera set up and the aurora moves or disappears. It is addictive though and I hope to get many more photos over the coming winter.