If your program requires the use of small boats you may need to attend the AAD small boats course.

This course is mandatory if you wish to be involved in inflatable rubber/rigid inflatable boat use at the station.

If you intend to drive the boats, you will also need a Coxswain I qualification, which is available in each state.

At least 6 members of each expedition group will be nominated to attend the boat training. Preference will be given to expeditioners who need to use a boat for their program, and who satisfy the requisite number of days at sea.

Additional training and local area familiarisation will be conducted on arrival at the station.

Topics you will cover include:

  • safety rules of boating
  • basic principles of seamanship
  • knowledge of boat and motor
  • basic navigation skills
  • maintenance and fault finding
  • specific and operational driving skills
  • knowledge of personal protection requirements
  • accident and emergency procedures
  • local area knowledge

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