One of the most important aspects of station life

A tribute to Mawson Smoko

I've often been asked by family and friends, “Chris, why do you keep going south? Surely after 4½ years spent on the ice you would have had enough of the wind and cold?!”

The reply is usually like this…whilst it is nice sitting on a beach under a palm tree with a cold drink and a plate of the fresh local food, one thing keeps me coming back. No, it’s not icebergs or penguins as you might think — it’s SMOKO!

Our chef Kim puts on what can only be described as ‘Michelin-starred treats’ for us on a daily basis, such as cheese and bacon scrolls, caramelised onion and aged cheddar quiche, to name but a few. All this tasty fare helps build up a nice layer of insulation for the colder months to come!

But with such a good smoko, what do you have for dinner? Well, that’s simple — The Holy Grail of food: FRAY BENTOS PIES!

That’s what keeps the Trades team here at Mawson going throughout the year. As a famous historian once said: If the great explorer Scott had a hot smoko every day, he would have beaten Amundsen to the pole!

Anyways, time to sign-off as it’s smoko time again…

Chris George (Scottish)