Mawson Midwinter highlights

Our celebrations in words and pictures

As many of you are aware, last Friday 21 June we celebrated Midwinters — the shortest day of the year, commonly known as the winter solstice, and one of the highlights of the Antarctic season.

Needless to say, it was an epic day/night!


1. Special guest star appearance from the legendary Antarctic dog ‘Stay’ (rumour has it Stay was hibernating in a Mawson room over summer).

2. An amazing six-course gourmet degustation menu prepared by our beloved Premier Antarctic Chef Kim De Laive.

3. The amazing effort and thought put into the Midwinter gifts by each expedition member.

4. The inaugural rocking performance of Mawson band Tommy Dieso and The Disappointments (was billed as a ‘first & only show’ but future shows are now being considered).

 5. The 66 hours of continuous blizzard across the midwinter period! (Mawson is well and truly home of the blizzard!).


1. Being woken up far too early the morning after to a simultaneous power outage and fire alarm!

Kyle (Station Leader)