We get an insight into cooking in Antarctica with Mawson’s resident Chef Kim.

Introducing Mawson’s Chef

I get asked a lot of questions about being the Station Chef in Antarctica, so I thought I’d clear up a few misconceptions here on station news…

  • No, we don’t eat penguins, seals or the local seafood.
  • Yes, we only get one delivery of food per year. However, there is more than enough to feed us all for the 12 months, with all the frozen, tinned and dehydrated items that you would expect to find at your local supermarket.
  • Yes, we do grow a limited amount of fresh vegetables here, but only in the confines of the hydroponics container. Our small set-up provides us with not only delicious fresh veggies, but also a lovely, warm and very green place to retreat to on occasion!
  • No, an Antarctic Chef is never bored! There are always hungry mouths to feed and special days to plan for such as Easter, Christmas, Midwinters Day, and numerous birthdays! On days off, there are lots of places to explore and wildlife to see and photograph.
  • Yes, we provide ALL the catering needs for the station team! So, the goal is to provide a healthy, interesting and well-rounded diet that provides the ‘first layer’ against the cold outside, as well as a welcoming place to come at meal times.

Antarctica is such a beautiful place and the view outside the kitchen window changes daily, sometimes hourly, with spectacular sunrises and sunsets, as well as the occasional blizzard — in which case it is the best place on station to be at work!

I wouldn’t swap my job with anyone else on station!

Kim (Mawson Chef)