Theme night at Macquarie Island

Vikings invade Macquarie Island

The weather over the weekend was not very conducive for getting out into the field, but was perfect for having a Viking/Medieval themed evening on the Saturday night!

A lot of work had been going on behind the scenes over the last few weeks by a few key individuals. For the rest, these activities were either unknown, or shrouded in mystery. Then during the week, it appeared on the notice board – Viking night Saturday!

A few folks spent the afternoon attentively caring for a lamb and a few chickens on a spit. Others assisted the chef in the kitchen, and helped decorate the mess for the evening. Meanwhile everyone was secretly getting their outfits together, either from things they had brought down with them or raiding the fancy dress store.

The ambience of the evening was festive, and everybody looked fabulous, roguish or fearsome. The long table looked like it was straight out of a great hall, with candelabras, wooden trenchers, rustic forks, wooden mugs banded with copper, and in the centre, the lamb on a giant carving board. Hats off to Glenn, Joe and Chris for all the work they put in to crafting the tableware, which will make great mementos! Thanks to Arvid for working his magic in the kitchen as always, and for the largest apple crumble I have ever seen in my life! And to everybody else who had a hand in making a great evening.

Skål! (Cheers!)