A plumber's reflections on the season thus far

An experience never to be forgotten

What an experience so far! From a joyous ship ride down on the MPV Everest to driving Hägglunds out to remote field huts, it has been a blast! We have experienced some bitterly cold days of around minus 30 °C, which with wind chill factor was around minus 50°C, and have even had a couple of swims in the icy ocean.

The scenery here is amazing and is even better when you get a clear night and are blessed with some aurora action. There is never a shortage of epic sunrise and sunset photos too! Blizzards are fun when you have to trek to the tank house in pairs to pump the water for the day - definitely an experience I will never forget! The food is great, and I make sure I sample everything on offer at least twice (not sure why but I now have the nickname ‘Fat Brad’).

I have made some good friends down here and will definitely catch up with them once back on the mainland, but I must say it’s going to be strange getting in my car and driving at the Australian speed limits (our speed limit down here is 30km/h).

We are past the halfway mark now and I think everyone is keen for some more sunlight, as it’s dark when we start work and dark when we finish.

I can’t wait for the flight home to see Antarctica from the air, as a different perspective, and also to see my lovely wife and kids. I miss you heaps, but it’s not long now. Bring on the heat of sunny Alice Springs!!

- (Fat) Brad Parker (Casey winter plumber 2021)