Winter is now officially over!

Final words from the Casey 2020-21 winter expedition team (74th ANARE)

After some 381 operational days living and working at Casey station, the time has come to bid farewell.

This week sees the arrival of the incoming 2021-22 winter expedition team and the handover of station operations. With the end of our operations officially here, we’d like to extend some important final messages.

- To the incoming Casey winter expedition team (75th ANARE): We extend our best wishes for a safe and successful season ahead.

- To all of the AAD Kingston Head Office staff: Thanks for your support and technical assistance across the last 12 months. Your often behind-the-scenes work to help us achieve our operational objectives and stay safe has been greatly appreciated.

- To our families, friends and loved ones: Thank you for your unwavering support, love and patience across the last 12 months. Since day one, you’ve been side-by-side with us on this amazing journey and we’re all incredibly excited about reuniting with you really soon!

- Finally, and most importantly, to the outgoing 2020-21 Casey winter expedition team (74th ANARE): Congratulations on completing a safe, productive, and successful season. You have successfully weathered the unending challenges of Antarctic weather, isolation and operational uncertainty to successfully complete the mission and leave this amazing station better than you found it. You should all be extremely proud of your achievements. Thank-you for your courage, endurance, mateship and sacrifice.

It’s been an honour to be a member of this expedition team and an absolute privilege to lead it.

- Kyle (Station Leader - 2020/21 Casey winter expedition team 74th ANARE).