First impressions of a station plumber

Opportunity of a lifetime

Upon discovering the Australian Antarctic Division, I intuitively knew this was something I had to do and the thought of living and working in Antarctica resonated with me.

Two years later my dream has become a reality, enabling me to maintain/enhance my abilities as a plumber whilst getting paid for it. I am learning new skills such as hairdressing, work health & safety, hydroponics and yoga instructing just to name a few. This is a magical place that I feel has a lot to offer and the interesting and supportive people/community here plays a big part of that.

The journey so far has been both challenging and inspiring, allowing me to grow personally and professionally.

I like to think of this place as the “Hyperbolic Time Chamber” from Dragon Ball Z (DBZ) because of its very distinct similarities and the benefits it has to offer. DBZ is a fantasy TV show, also set in a vast white landscape, where the characters use the Chamber to better themselves in the same way expeditioners use our time here in Antarctica. I am looking forward to the next 8 months ahead and can already imagine myself emerging out the other side, physically and mentally stronger, ready to save the world!

Ant Allocca (Plumber)