Weekend events and recreation

Inaugural dinner for Casey's 75th ANARE team

We are well and truly into the summer season. With two weeks until resupply, Casey station took the opportunity to kick our heels up. After the depletion of the costume shop following last weekend’s highly creative alphabet fancy dress party, the social committee chose to host a formal dinner in Antarctic style (no high vis, shoes preferred).

The afternoon began with Christmas decorations and carols. Initially there was only the head decorator and her elf. Once the carols were pumping through the Red Shed and the box of tinsel was unleashed, the duo became a mischief of elves.

The eagerness of the arvo was matched in setting up the evening’s affair. The jet-black ironed table cloths with silver trimmings were brought out. The food was grand, of course. The mood was merry. In the land of the midnight sun, the mess was as dark as the blinds would allow. Just before the crowds dispersed, the sorting bucket was brought out to divide everyone into teams for next Saturday’s trivia night.

Sunday was meant to be our time for recreation, with the beloved skiway to station ski/run/walk/bike 11km event. More than half the station signed up - 43 including support crew! We scheduled an early morning start, knowing the window between fresh powder and blizzard conditions was slim. Skis were prepared and the terrabus was made ready - but even then, we could not convince the weather gods to behave. With gale force winds and blowing snow building up through the day, conditions made for an optimal weekend inside: boxing in the gym, crafting in the wallow, lounging indoors. On Saturday, Sunday and Monday, Casey's cinema room 'The Odeon' featured three Casey talks by people on station with fascinating stories to share, and all with standing room only. We have certainly settled into a station life routine with new mates, old friends and plenty to celebrate before the holiday season and resupply.

While Casey will have busy times over the next month or so, with station resupply and refuelling, all expeditioners on station will be missing their friends and family over the Christmas festive season. So from all on station, we wish our loved ones back home the very best for the remainder of the year, including the festivities immediately ahead and also those beyond New Year's Day. Our hearts and thoughts are with you all. Merry Christmas from Casey station.

- Casey Social Committee