Winter project work on the Browning Peninsula

Winter project work on the Browning Peninsula

With the summer period now officially over but with the full brunt of the Antarctic winter not yet here, it was time to get started on those outdoor winter projects we had been planning since arriving.

One such project was the installation of a new automatic weather station on the Browning Peninsula. This new site was to be only a couple of minutes drive from the ever popular Browning’s Hut and the weather data we could obtain from it was really going to come in handy for those weekends away, as well as preparing for our field training.

With our ever-eager comms tech Andy and seasoned veteran boliermaker-welder Cliffy, we were able to make short work of the install, allowing us to spend the afternoons down at the seal wallow watching the young pups play fighting and enjoying the spectacular view from one of the highest points on the whole peninsula.

Dan, Bureau Of Meteorology Technician