Summer season draws to a close

Reflecting on a job well done

With the calendar ticking over to March 2021, Casey summer operations have now reached their zenith.

Over the past 17 weeks, a diligent team of up to 65 summer expeditioners have worked safely and efficiently to achieve key outcomes for the Australian Antarctic Program. From building new infrastructure (and maintaining the old!), to ongoing biopile fuel remediation, to supporting multiple intercontiental aviation operations, it has been a busy season! Most importantly, the summer team has worked tirelessly to comply with stringent COVID-safe measures that ensured COVID-19 has been kept out of the Australian Antarctic Program.

All that now remains is seeing off the remaining 22 members of the summer team on the last flight home...and due to the inimitable vagaries of Antarctic weather, when that will be is anyone's guess!

On behalf of the Australian Antarctic Program, a big thanks to all of the Casey summer expedition team for a safe, productive and fun season - we wish you all the best for a safe return to Australia.

On behalf of Casey Station, we would like to thank all our friends, family and loved ones for their support across the summer...and we look forward to sharing our forthcoming winter adventures with you!

- Kyle (Station Leader).