The aircraft used for intra continental operations are ski-equipped Basler BT-67 aircraft.

The Basler aircraft is a twin engine turboprop, retractable wheeled ski equipped undercarriage STOL (Short Take Off and Landing) aircraft with a side entry cargo door.

Its configuration makes the Basler suitable for general Antarctic operations, while the payload/range characteristics make it suitable for the long distances between our Antarctic stations.

A crew of 2 pilots and 1 engineer operate and maintain the Basler aircraft which is owned and operated by contracted service providers Kenn Borek Air.

Basler BT-67 specifications

  • ski-equipped twin turboprop, STOL retractable wheeled ski equipped undercarriage aircraft with a side entry cargo door (2,130 mm × 1,420 mm)
  • maximum speed: 195 knots (on skis)
  • maximum range: 950 nautical miles standard, 2140 nm. long range fuel
  • fuel capacity: 2865 litres standard, 5871 litres long range tanks
  • passengers: up to 18+ expeditioners

Aircraft documentation for expeditioners

All expeditioners will need to attend a pre-flight briefing and sign the Acknowledgement of Risk form, prior to flying aboard the aircraft within Antarctica.

Basler aircraft are used for general operations within Antarctica.