There are ski landing areas at Casey, Davis and Mawson. There is also an intercontinental groomed glacial ice runway at Wilkins Aerodrome, approximately 70 km from Casey station.

Casey region

A simple ski landing area (SLA) for intra-continental aircraft has been established close to Casey. It is approximately 10 km east of the station. The location is accessible by wheeled vehicles when snow conditions are suitable (a trip of about 30 minutes). The same journey in a Hägglunds over-snow vehicle takes up to 1 hour.

Davis region

An early summer sea ice SLA has been established next to Davis. When the sea ice deteriorates in this location with the onset of summer (usually in early December) operations move to the Plough Island SLA, 6 km north of Davis.

The Davis Plateau ice SLA is approximately 40 km east of the station. It is established around late December when the sea ice at Plough Island has deteriorated. Helicopters are used to transfer personnel and cargo between the SLA and the station (a trip of about 20 minutes).

Mawson region

An early summer sea ice SLA has been established close to Mawson.

During summer, when sea ice is not present, an SLA or ice runway on the inland ice plateau is required. This has been established at Rumdoodle, approximately 10 km from Mawson, a 1 hour Hägglunds ride from the station.

Other locations

Ski equipped aircraft are used to deploy and retrieve scientific parties at field locations throughout the Australian Antarctic Territory and beyond according to the needs and priorities of scientific programs.

Operations to field locations use naturally occurring flat areas of snow, ice on the polar plateau or glaciers, and sea ice.