Rare calm weather on Macca for a chance to get out and about

Perfect weather for a walk and a barbie

It's a pretty rare occurence that the wind/rain/drizzle/mist/fog/slush clears on Macca.

However, this is exactly what happened during the last week, so a few of us took the opportunity to get out-and-about near station for a walk. We headed up the hill north of the station and headed to Secluded Bay to watch the wildlife before the beach is closed to recreation, to give breeding fur seals some space.

After climbing a short but steep scree type slope out of station limits, it was just a brief walk across to Secluded Bay. For the less experienced on slopes (like myself) there was a tiny moment of panic on the way down the hills into the Bay, but the view and wildlife quickly take your mind off it.

We were greeted almost immediately by fur seals (sub-Antarctic, and Antarctic) as well as sleepy elephant seal weaners. There was the odd large male elephant seal still lounging around, but after a long, busy, birthing and breeding season, they were rather uninterested in us – or anything else! A couple of Antarctic fur seal males had a bit of a row on the beach, which was somewhat similar to a Capoeira fight. Then they promptly hopped off in different directions, barking as they went.

We watched the wildife interactions for a while then made our way back to station.

Due to the super light winds and warm weather, the station decided a sausage sizzle would be ideal for a Sunday afternoon. It was definitely a lovely way to end the weekend.

(Senior Met Officer)