Three expeditioners, injured when their helicopter crashed in Antarctica, have been transferred to Davis station.

A pilot and two passengers were transferred during overnight flights using a helicopter and Twin Otter aircraft, with a Basler aircraft providing support and guidance where required, with the transfer completed at 11:30pm Australian Eastern Summer Time yesterday.

All three people are in a stable condition. A comprehensive medical assessment is being undertaken by the Davis station doctor and lay medical team, with support from the Australian Antarctic Division’s Polar Medicine Unit at Kingston in Tasmania.

The helicopter came down on Sunday evening while returning from a scientific mission to survey a penguin colony near the Amery ice shelf, around 150 nautical miles from Davis station.

While awaiting rescue from the site, the injured were cared for by crew from a second helicopter which was travelling in tandem with the one that crashed.

The Australian Transport Safety Bureau will investigate the incident.

The helicopter is chartered by the Australian Antarctic Division from Helicopter Resources.