A drop in applications from Australians applying to work in Antarctica, has prompted the Australian Antarctic Division to ask what are you waiting for?

The Division has extended its recruitment period for the 2013–14 season after a decrease in applications from almost 2000 last year to just 1200 this year.

Section Manager, Rob Bryson, said the closing date for applications has been extended to 10 January.

“This is a unique opportunity to live and work in Antarctica and experience some of the most stunning scenery and wildlife on the planet,” Mr Bryson said.

“For a lot of expeditioners, too, the great sense of camaraderie that develops in Antarctica is also a big attraction.

“A hundred years on from the first Australia led expedition to the region, less than 300,000 people have set foot on Antarctica.

“This is your chance to live the dream and become a part of this select group of people who have visited and worked in this beautiful, dynamic and inspiring part of the world,” he said.

The Antarctic Division is looking for builders, carpenters, electricians, tradespeople, plumbers, mechanics, plant operators, chefs, field training officers, station supply officers, doctors, communications operators, aerodrome grader operators, aerodrome plant operators, electronics engineers, aircraft ground support officers and aerodrome camp support officers.

The employment periods vary from six months for a summer position through to 16 months for a wintering job.