The three year Fellowship, based at the Australian Antarctic Division in Hobart, will focus on Environmental Science projects in the region.

Mr Garrett said the Government announced the Hawke Fellowship last year on the 20th anniversary of former Prime Minister, Bob Hawke’s, push to ban mining in Antarctica.

“In 1989 the Hawke Government had the foresight to lead an international revolt against the proposed Mineral Convention in Antarctica, instead promoting the frozen continent as a natural reserve devoted to peace and science,” he said.

“Now 20 years on, this Fellowship honours that legacy and will help ensure that vision for Antarctica is continued with scientific study which will help us better understand and protect the fragile and unique Antarctic environment.”

The Fellow will be required to undertake a project in one of the following areas;

  • Sequencing the genome of Antarctic Krill.
  • The extent and timing of sea-ice around Antarctica and its relationship with benthic communities.
  • Developing the use of mosses as sentinels of climate change in Antarctica.
  • Genomic mapping of moss populations on Windmill Islands off Australia’s Casey station.
  • Management and protection of terrestrial and near-shore biodiversity.

Applications close on Friday 13 August.