Everybody on an Antarctic station has a job, and many of these are operational positions. Each person has an important role to play in the successful running of the station. 

Two major station committees which are formed each year. The Environment Committee and the Occupational Health and Safety Committee are required to meet and report regularly to their counterparts at the AAD.

All those in the station communities are expected to participate in station duties, which include various routine and other maintenance tasks.

These are allocated by the station leader on a rotating roster. Generally, jobs such as household cleaning, blizz line maintenance and waste removal (known as the ‘gash run') are done on Saturdays, while kitchen slushies work throughout the week.

As well as these general station duties, there are a number of volunteer positions. Volunteers for these roles are all drawn from within the station community.

Training is provided prior to departure from Australia for those roles which require specialised skills.

Volunteer station positions may include:

  • Anaesthetists and theatre nurses
  • Beach coordinator
  • Boating officer
  • Cane line database/GPS officer
  • Clothing store manager
  • Deputy station leader
  • DVD editors
  • Electoral returning officers
  • Environment officers
  • Field equipment officer
  • Fire chief and deputy and team members
  • Flag officer
  • Fort Knox and ‘bottle shop’ manager
  • Gymnasium officer
  • Hairdresser
  • Head brewer
  • Hydroponics coordinator
  • Station News coordinator
  • Librarian
  • Work health and safety officer
  • Postal agent
  • Projectionist
  • Search and rescue leader and team members
  • Sewing officer
  • Social club treasurer
  • Station photographer
  • Waste management officer
  • Web coordinator
  • Year book editor