Community duties

All expeditioners, whether staying for short or long periods, paid or voluntary workers, scientists or support staff, perform common duties to assist in the running of the station community whenever they are at the station. This includes chef’s assistant (slushy), water production and garbage collection/disposal.

The station leader draws up these common duties rosters and when your name appears, it is your responsibility to see that the job is completed, either by you or by swapping duties with someone else.

Day care rosters

Day care involves the daily cleaning of the communal areas such as the bar, lounge areas, public toilets and the removal of kitchen rubbish. Similar roster arrangements apply as for kitchen slushy.

Common duties

Station duties (also called ‘common duties’ or ‘Saturday duties’) may include any kind of periodic cleaning, maintenance or tidying up. It’s an opportunity for all expeditioners to pitch in and help keep the station in clean, safe and comfortable repair. These duties are normally done on Saturday afternoons, but this may be varied by agreement. Allow up to two hours for most jobs. Other general station duties will be allotted at the discretion of the station leader. These will include bulk re-fuelling, monitoring for radio schedules, transfer of stores, clearing of snow from exits and assistance to those requiring it in their general duties.