There are a range of recreational activities available to expeditioners in Antarctica. Each station is well equipped to keep everyone active, even in the darkest winter months.

All stations have wireless internet access, an extensive library (including eBooks), a cinema and a wide selection of music and movies.

Stations have a small spa and sauna, a gymnasium, billiards, table tennis, volley ball, board games and darts. There is communal band and stage equipment (drum kit, bass electric guitars, keyboard, etc.) and performances are regular events.

All stations have outdoor sports equipment, such as bikes and cross country skis, and a small ski loop. Davis and Mawson stations have climbing walls.

It is expected that anyone using the equipment cares for it as if it were their own, and report any defective equipment to the station field equipment officer. All outdoor recreational activities are subject to the Division’s outdoor recreation policy.

Expeditioners may also take materials to use in the hobby huts. The hobby huts are sheds that are set up for art, craft and woodwork. Many expeditioners also use the time to study in the long winter months.